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The pink colored area is part of our protectorate that we will expand into and fully incorporate into Great Lakes States. The small chunk of Vinland's protectorate area above the pink area that borders the Hudson Bay (colored in gray) was given to us by them.

We will expand into parts of our protectorate for various reasons, most of them listed below:

-To provide a better justice system and government to part of the area. The government in the protectorate was simply designed to easily handle the formation of new nations, at the cost of reduced efficiency. Plus, the protectorate was exempt from some of our national laws to make future transition to new nations quick and painless.

-To improve road and railway systems that connects us to neighboring nations for trades, indirectly improving our economy. Previously, those systems in the protectorate area weren't as dense or up to date since the next new nations might tear them up or prevent us from using them.

-The area is rich in natural resources, especially agricultural lands which could be farmed and mined more efficiently with better regulations.

-To encourage development and growth. Previously, many businesses and residents were hesitant to invest or settle in the protectorate area in fears of political instability.

-To allow us to have direct access to the Hudson Bay. We can build canals connecting the Great Lakes to the Hudson Bay to improve our waterway transportation, which indirectly spurs growth in our economy.

-To allow us to have direct land access to Damacious. Instead of relying on ships to transport goods, we can use railways and highways for a cheaper and faster transportation of such goods.

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"Wait, the nation that's had civil wars, gang problems, gang-caused civil wars, gang unifications, civil wars caused by gang unifications, actual gang civil wars, and several other forms of instability, is trying to annex a region to ensure stabilitiy? Lol"

-random Caucasian blogger

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"We support this move by the Great Lakes State, however we inquire as to why you did not completely annex your protectorate?"

-Revolutionary Government

In case if a new nation actually forms. If nothing happens for while and there is no signs of citizens in the protectorate wanting to form a new nation, then we might annex the rest of our protectorate.

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"Paranoid freaks..."

~Australian Blogger

"It is, of course, GLS' right to do what it wishes with this territory. Maybe this annexation will buy stability not only for the artea in question, but for themselves as well."

~Anthony Harlem, Grand Duke, Queendom of Australia

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