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Rise of the Horde

Mongol Federation

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Bartan Khan of the Ganigas stood in front of the Winter Palace as the crowed milled about. For over 2 days the crowd had grown in anticipation of his announcement and as an announcer declared the speech to be starting a great cheer went up and he walked out into the chilly fall morning.

"Greetings, my people!" The Cheering doubled in volume and Bartan had to wait a full 5 minutes before he could speak once more, "Yes, today is the day you have been waiting for, a day you have all be waiting for for nearly a millennium!" Shouts of joy came from various points in the crowd. "Today is the day we come out from the shadow the Russians who once called us masters! Today is the day we tell the Chinese that that may no longer seek to dominate us! Today is the day we tell the world Eurasia will no longer be dominated by the powers of the Southeast and the smoldering ruins of the Western empires! Today we tell the world that Eurasia will once more be ruled from Central Eurasia! Today we tell the world the Mongol Horde rides once more!"

As if on cue (which they were) Mongol Calvary, in their traditional best, storm from their hiding places at the eastern and western ends of the palace and ride in front of the crowd, awing them. After initially showing off for a little more then 2 minutes, they from up and fall into disciplined ranks.

As the crowed settles down, Bartan continues, "On this day the tribes of Mongol, Merkit, Keriat and Tatar declare themselves to be allied in the Mongol Federation. Today the Horde is once more reunited under a single banner. Today we rebuild our once great civilization. Tomorrow... Tomorrow we shall rule the world!"

As the Mongol Calvary began a 1/2 hour show, Bartan turned away from the podium and returned to the warmth of the palace and smiled as he heard the crowd take up a chant, "Strength, empire and honor!" It would make a grand motto he thought to himself as his aids closed in on him with the day's agenda.

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