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New Imperial University


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Earlier today, the vaunted Schola Progenium university opened in Imperial Center. This state-of-the-art learning facility specifically caters to those who have lost family in service to the Imperium, oftentimes through service in the military. The Schola Progenium is equipped with internet service across the campus including the combat training arenas and live-fire combat courses.

Curriculum in the school tends towards applications which can benefit the Imperium as a whole; be they military or otherwise. Courses such as Assassination, Soldiering, Quantum Mechanics, and Orbital Mechanics are being offered in anticipation of the countries' rapidly developing space program which is expected to kick off sometime next year.

The Imperator had this to say;

'Sanctifying and preserving the knowledge of millions is a task the Schola Progenium was conceived and designed for. Through its' hallowed halls will the geniuses of tomorrow pass, providing a better future for the subjects of the Holy Imperium. Allies are of course welcome to send their own students to cross-study in courses offered only here on campus. Some of these classes can be taken online, of course but the learning experience just isn't the same.'

Officials speculate that the University is one of the largest of its' kind, with the staff and campus capable of serving 80,000 students at a time. The campus and its' support facilities make up what appears to be another growing subsection of Imperial Center. Only time will tell if the programs are successful.

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