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South Pole DOE


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IC: In Sopwith Square in the middle of New Eatonville, a large crowd gathered to witness the speech of the newly elected President James Newman. It was a cold day in early December, the Antarctic wind blowing in from the ocean, and everyone wore thick fur coats to protect themselves from the cold. Finally, President Newman stpped to the podium and began his short speech, "Ladies and gentlemen! In the wake of the recent collapse of Troina, a democratic movement began to reestablish democracy in this region. Now, a prosperous new democracy exists on the bottom of the world, on the coldest continent on the planet. And I present to you the flag of-- SOUTH POLE!!!", and a large flag was raised behind him, the flag of the new republic. He continues, "I thank you for witnessing the birth of a new and prosperous state!", to which the crowd let out a thunderous cheer.

OOC: Here's what the flag looks like: Custom8.png

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"Until Dranaag recognizes your independence, PRC shall withold recognition."

OOC: Doesn't Tahsir own the southpole?

OOC: I own the real South Pole (geographic and magnetic), he just called his nation South Pole

ooc no he doesnt, just most of it

OOC: see above.



Dranaggan air patrols note the transmissions from parts of the old nation, and continue their missions checking on the remainder of the nation.

*Not Classified*

"Dranagg does not recognize any nations out of the old Troina territories, and, until we complete a search of the rest of the nation, will not recognize any. There is a reason for this. If dozens of small splinter groups start appearing out of the remains of Troina, then, in the interest of removing potential conflict, most will have to be removed.

This first group will be listed as 'Group A-1' until further notice."

Edit: spelling

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"We view this nation as a successor state of Troina, and hence, we do not recognize them."

-HRH King James II


Wesker actually now beleives King James the II is as much an idiot as his father.

Wesker seriously thinks the Royal Family of HRH James I, all failed geography.

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