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Blue Heaven DOE


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OOC: I know that the map has not changed yet, but V_the_king has confirmed that the Northwest territory is mine,so...yeah. Also don't expect me to be making a lot of treaties because I realized that the main reason I did that was because I didn't have any clearly defined foreign policy goals or national interests.


The capital of Blue Heaven, Paradigm City, was packed, specifically in front of the National Palace. Newly elected Prime Minister, Roger Smith, stepped up to the podium

"Today, in what was formerly the northwestern territory of the nation of Viniland, Blue Heaven proclaims its existence to the world."

Blue Heaven

Prime Minister: Roger Smith (4 year term OOC: one year IRL)


Roger Smith

Type of government: Republic

Main religon: Christianity

Population: 22 million

Language: English

Currency: Dollar

GDP: $150 billion (OOC: Calcualted GDP according to formula found in JEDCT's news thread)

Military: 170,000 soldiers, 3 squadrons (5 fighters each) of F-15 planes, 1 squadron of B-52s, and 1,700 M1A2 tanks

7 infantry divisions, 2 airborne divisions, 2 mechanized divisions, and 34 armored divisions (50 tanks in each division, the sum of all the soldiers in all armored divisions is 5,000 soldiers)

3 squadrons of F-15s and one squadron of B-52s (the sum of the entire air force is 5,000 soldiers)

50,000 National Guard soldiers

Active Duty: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Infantry Divisons

10 and 13th Armored Divisions

2 squadrons of F-15s

Structure of Military

Division= 10,000 soldiers

Brigade= 2,000 soldiers

Battalion= 1,000 soldiers

Company= 200 soldiers

Platoon= 50 soldiers

Squad= 5 soldiers (3 rifleman, one medic, one machine gunner)

Structure of an Infantry Divison

3 combat brigades with a cook for every platoon (6,000 soldiers)

1 artillery battalion with 125 pieces of artillery (1,000 soldiers)

1 logistics battalion (1,000 soldiers)

1 engineering battalion (1,000 soldiers)

2 civil affairs companies (400 soldiers)

1 military police company (200 soldiers)

2 recon companies (400 soldiers)


GDP: $150 billion

10% goes into defense, 25% goes into education, 10% goes into infrastructure, 11% goes into health care, and 6% goes into transportation, 12% goes into manufacturing, 5% goes into retail trade , 5% into mining, 6% into the treasury, and 9% to pay off debts (if there is any).

Defense: $1.5 billion

Education: $3.75 billion

Infrastructure: $1.5 billion

Healthcare: $1.65 billion

Transportation: $900 million

Manufacturing: $1.8 billion

Retail Trade: $750 million

Mining: $750 million

Treasury: $900 million

Debt: $1.35 billion

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OoC: Somewhere in here, I think.


Disparu recognizes Blue Heaven, and welcomes it to the international stage.



TO/À: Roger Smith, Prime Minister of Blue Heaven

FROM/DE: Lance Pikachurin, King of the Federation of Disparu


First off, I would like to congratulate you for achieving independence from Viniland. Anyways, since you are a nation located in the Arctic, I would like to extend an invitation to Blue Heaven to join the Confederation of Arctic Nations. If you are interested, please send a representative to St. Mystere, Disparu, and we can discuss Blue Heaven's entry into the CAN.


Lance Pikachurin

King of Disparu

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Dear HRH Pikachurin,

After reading the document and consulting with the MoD, MoFA, and 
a quick meeting of Parliament, 
we have decided that Blue Heaven shall apply for membership to the CAN.

Prime Minister Roger Smith

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