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When Darkness Falls


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We are Eclipsis, we're purple, and we're protected by Hydra.

Greetings citizens of Bob. I come before you all today to announce something exciting, well for me at least. This is the announcement of Eclipsis, a new purple alliance. I know what you're all thinking, "Man, another alliance? How many more are there going to be?"

Well, let me tell you what it different about us. We're new! Therefore, we are constantly changing around and stuff to make everything ideal for what we need. Other than that, we're just three cool guys looking to get out of the daily routines we have been so accustomed too.

"Do you have friends?" Well, yes, actually we have a lot of friends. As a matter of fact, you'll find out who they are if you keep reading. So, no tl;dr in this.

"What is your goal?" Our goal is simple, to build a community that can be both fun and relaxing. If we stay small, that's fine, we'll still be able to hang out with our friends, kick a few back, and still have fun. If we get big, then like I said, we're open for some change.

Now, I'd like to invite all of you to our lovely forums at: http://eclipsis.invisionplus.net/index.php and open up some communication. If not there, that's fine, our IRC is #eclipsis on coldfront. Hope to get to meet those of you that we don't know. :)

Our charter can be found here in the following.

The Core Law

The Core Law of the State shall be that the will of the many shall be the will of the whole. Above all things shall the State defend its people, as its people shall defend the State. This single bond of unity shall be the guide of the State and ensure the rights of the people.

Arcticle I: Membership

Membership into Eclipsis is open to all nations, as long as said nation is unaffiliated with any other alliance, not in any wars, and not owing financially to any other alliance. Applications may be submitted in the appropriate forum. An application may be denied by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Regent, or Eclipsian.

The official color of Eclipsis is Purple. Therefore, all nations wishing to put in an application are urged to join the Purple sphere. You may, however, ask for an exemption in your application if you are already involved in a stable trade circle.

Article II: Resignation

Any member who decides to leave during peace-time shall do so. All they must do is let a member of government know.

However, in the case of war they will be marked as deserters, therefore not being admitted again.

Article III: High Laws

Members of Eclipsis are granted certain inalienable rights. These rights are enforced by the High Council, or The Eclipsian, Regent, and Ministers, and rights may be added upon the approval of the High Council.

The rights known as the High Laws are as follows:

(1). To express ones opinion openly on any matter as long as it does not violate the rights of others.

(2). To associate freely with friendly entities.

(3). A nation may enter, re-enter, and leave the alliance at any time of their choosing unless that nation is in debt to the alliance or the alliance is at war.

(4). The Right to govern the internal policies of one's nation with out interference from the State unless those policies violate the policies of the State.

(5). The Right to defend oneself before a jury of one's peers. To be informed of the charges and have the right to counsel.

(6). To petition the government for grievances.

(7). To be protected from infraction upon life, liberty, and property.

(8). To be protected from slander; slander being defined as malicious, false, or defaming statements toward another person.

Article IV: Assembly

The Assembly shall consist of all non-government members.

The Assembly may present proposals to the Regent at any time. To present a proposal it must have at least a majority of all members in favor of it. This may be accomplished by making a thread in the appropriate forum.

Article V: The Ministries

Ministers shall be appointed by The Eclipsian and the Regent.

Ministers shall hold an indefinite term.

There shall be four ministers consisting of the Minister of Defense, Minister of Finance, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Minister of Internal Affairs.

[*]Minister of Defense - The Minister of Defense shall lead the military of the alliance, organize it, and modify it as he sees fit. He can appoint Captains, Lieutenants, Colonels, and Majors, as well as a Deputy.

[*]Minister of Finance - The Minister of Finance is the head of the Eclipse Bank. He can appoint works, called officers, and work with other alliances to form trade circles, tech deals, or donation deals. He is to keep charge of the money in the alliance.

[*]Minister of Foreign Affairs - The Minister of Foreign Affairs is the handler of diplomatic talks within the alliance. He can send diplomats to other alliances, talk about them for treaties, and build relationships.

[*]Minister of Internal Affairs - The Minister of Internal Affairs handles all member aspects of the alliance, like: Approving/Denying Apps, Develop the Academy, and Raise Morale by developing programs. He is also in charge of all recruiting aspects.

Article VI: Vacancies and Removals


Minister missing three meetings in one term.

Government members who are inactive, at the discretion of the Eclipsian or Regent, are automatically removed from his/her position. The Minister may inform the Eclipsian or Regent of their absence to avoid incurring inactivity.

The Assembly may remove any member of government by 75% total vote. The Regent shall hold a poll for no more than 72 hours.

Should any government seat become vacant or removed, The Eclipsian and the Regent shall have sole power to appoint a replacement.

Article VII: Amendments

This charter may be amended with a majority vote of the Ministers and approval by the Eclipsian. An amendment may be presented to any member of government to be discussed. The membership may also have a discussion period in which they can discuss all matters the amendment(s) concern.


Lucas Perry - Eclipsian

Nicktheww2fanatic - Regent

DarkEra97 - Minister of Foreign Affairs

EDIT: I almost forgot, thank you to Airikr of TPF for the flag! :D

Edited by DarkEra97
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The Hydra's Cherry Pact


Recognizing the important common interest of friendship, guidance and protection, Hydra offers to give a guiding hand to Eclipsis and help her navigate the murky waters of the cyberverse. Both parties vow to respect and honor the other, helping each develop further.

Article I: Sovereignty

Hydra and Eclipsis recognize each other as sovereign and separate alliances, and thus, will not infringe upon nor diminish that sovereignty.

Article II: Peace and Respect

Hydra and Eclipsis will coexist in a state of peace and harmony. Neither alliance will display aggression toward the other. Both alliances will remain respectful towards each other at all times and any differences will be handled via private discussion.

Article III: Protection and Defense

An attack on Eclipsis is an attack on Hydra, and will be met with all available strength in defense. If Hydra finds itself in a state of war, Eclipsis has the right to assist by means of diplomatic, financial and/or military aid, but is not obliged to do so.

Article IV: Aggression & Teaties

Eclipsis agrees to alert Hydra if they intend to go on the offensive at least 36 hours before declaring. Eclipsis also agrees to consult with Hydra leadership before signing any treaties.

Article V: Cancellation

Both parties agree to give each other 72 hour notice before canceling this treaty, during which all articles will be upheld. If any part of Articles I, II or IV are voided, this protectorate is also considered null and void.

Signed for Eclipsis:

Lucas Perry, Eclipsian

nicktheww2fanatic, Regent

DarkEra97, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Signed for Hydra:

Jacapo Saladin, Imperator

Ligolski, Prime Minister of Finance

Joshsname, Minister of Defense

Lord Bludd, Minister of Recruitment

Sniper620, Minister of Internal Affairs

Strikin Dub, Senator

Kniftarp, Senator

Sigint Ravencroft, Senator

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