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I'm putting together a spreadsheet to try and graph the price curve of land as your total land increases. I need lots of data from different sized nations to get an accurate curve. If you are interested in contributing, just post the following information:

Total Area of Influence:

Cost of One Mile of Land:

I know this obviously won't be perfect, I just am trying to get a general estimate of what the price curve looks like. The more people that contribute, the more accurate the data will be.

The Data can be viewed here: http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=tgg...amp;output=html

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Total Area of Influence: 3,337.827

Cost of One Mile of Land: $95,182.06

Discount: 14.5%

'Purchased' Land: 2,773.101

I think the cost of land depends just on the "purchased" land -- the area of influence is just the modified value. Also, some resources modify the cost of additional land.

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As others have pointed out, there are land purchase reducers. And the purchased land figure is the one you want.

3,336.525 in purchases


I have cattle and fish.

Also, it climbs in the same way as infra does, so it rises at a certain rate until a certain figure, then at a quicker rate until a certain figure, then at an even quicker...and so on. So don't expect a curve in its strictest sense.

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If you don't get factor in people's 'cost to purchase' modifiers, your graph will end up being spikier and of less usefullness overall. Also, hopefully people remember if they are having an event that effects land, or their reported numbers will be off. I just had one expire last night myself, which is why I remembered that. Let's not forget the ADP wonder either.

5,432.250 mile diameter

4708.640 in purchases

376.691 in modifiers

Land costs per mile to buy: $221,765.80

Modifiers: Cattle, Fish (-14.5%)

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