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TSCE - The Mafia


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As of the 1st of December 2009, The Shadow Confederacy Empire has seen fit to cancel our MDP with The Mafia, signed as of the 6th November 2009, reasons we're given in private for the cancellation.

Unique is the treaty that it is now void as in accordance with Article V of The Sanguine Syndicate Agreement:

'Article V ~ Cancellation

1. If either TSCE or The Mafia feels as this agreement is no longer beneficial they must give the other party a 48 hour warning period before cancellation

2. The treaty will remain in effect for the 48 hour period before cancellation'

We hold no ill feelings to towards The Mafia, we hope them the very best.


Emperor of TSCE

Governor General to GI

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Members of The Mafia might disagree, but an understandable move. My assumption is that this may be related to a recent Mafia decision to cancel on another treaty partner.

If that move didn't play into your decision, then I'd be interested as to why you made the decision to cancel now. The timing would seem curious otherwise.

Regardless, good luck to you.

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Greeting EGrevious, I sincerely hope our saber rattling didn't push your hand in canceling this, that being said, in my honest opinion, the esteemed Mr Janova is quite correct in his feelings that you are better off without them.

I wish you better luck in your future

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I don't think anyone would take a "shot" at Mafia for dishonoring their own treaty. However, if someone were to indeed attack I would hope the other treaties they have be immediately nullified by the other signatories just to show or give a taste to The Mafia of their own medicine. I would highly encourage all of the following treaty signatories whom are allied via MDP/ODP to The Mafia to review these treaties after the recent events that have unfolded over the past phew days...

ODP/PIAT with C.R.A.P [2]

ODP/PIAT with The Dark Brotherhood [3]

MDP/PIAT with The Shadow Confederacy Empire [4]

Members of the Tech Sellers Union [5] [6]

All I can say its that I called it....good move on TSCE's part!

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