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In search of enlightenment

Prince Janus

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Paul Reed had never flown a plane this massive. Built originally as an airlifer for an American nation, the old C-5 Galaxy was less than ideal for travels this far north. However, this flight had a lot more meaning than the puddle jump flights across the Pacific he was used to.

"Can I get another look at that flight path readout?" He said gesturing to the navigation officer and then the computer on the side dash. The communication officer nodded his head and pressed the small "Print" key on the display before him. It took a few minutes, but the old laser printer finally finished the maps that would show their final destination.


"And the close up?"


"Oh wow...this might be rough..." he said while he rubbed his brow.

The navigation officer then chirped the status of the plane. "We're thirty clicks and counting sir..."

Reed looked up from the maps and began to fiddle with the dash instruments--flipping switches, checking screens and slowly beginning the planes descent toward the icy earth.

"Two thousand feet....lower landing gear"

The Galaxy's ski modified landing gear extended.

"Fifteen hundred feet...CAVOK"

The plane continued to descend.

"Five hundred feet, cut engines and raise gliders...we're in the clear..."

The plane came to a gliding stop upon the frozen island's nature-made landing strip.

"Well then...I guess it's time to unload our cargo."

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The engines of the massive airlift whirred to a halt as the front of the plane opened, revealing a massive assortment of building materials: glass, plasterboard, heavy insulation, industrial plastics and steel beams. Paul Reed disembarked the plane and popped a military grade flare.

"So...where are these air loaders that are going to take this cargo? I'm not so sure if this decent weather is going to hold."

Just as he said his condemning words to the weather, it began to freezing rain. He knew that the weather on Gosvemnor island is miserable and not appropriate for long term flight operations, but he didn't know that the gods spit upon all those who wished to tempt them there. Huddling underneath the spanning wings of the aircraft and using another flare for heat and light in the storm, Reed, his communications officer and navigation officer waited hours for the unloading team to arrive.

"I never really got your names..." Reed said to the two sitting next to him. They were a crew assigned to him by the tycoon or madman that assigned them on this mission and he had no idea about either of them.

The navigation officer smiled and extended his hand, which was denied by Reed upright. "The name's White...Rodger...."

Reed smiled and looked at the communications officer who had strangely been silent the entire time.

"Oh...Chris Jackson..."

As soon as the men had gotten to know each other, they heard the rumbling of trucks and lifters arriving to the makeshift airstrip.

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