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National Economic Worldviews Study


What is your nations economic worldview?  

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The Red Star - in an effort to discern the state of the world's economic policies has posted the following poll to try and discern how the citizens of various nations on Planet Bob view various economies and how they view their economy. While the first two polls are open only to foreign nations, the third is only open to their citizens.

Upon completion of the poll they hope to gain a better more informed viewpoint of the state of Capitalism and Communism in the world today and how those systems are effecting the lives of those living in these conditions. In particular, they are curious about whether or not the myths are true that capitalistic systems fair far better then their communist/socialist counterparts, at least as viewed by their citizens. For everyone else though, it is simply a statement of satisfying their curiosity and perhaps granting the world a better perception of the economic makeup and health of the global economic system.

Sample Results From the Greco-Soviet States

We are a communist nation.

Only members from the Communist and Socialist party may run for political office or initiate political activities (all others may be held responsible for hooliganism, all other parties are illegal) although we allow capitalists to remain. However, we feel they would be better suited elsewhere and generally they agree.

While the people of the Greco-Soviet States ranked their opinion of the national economy as "fair" with detractors noting the recent increase in taxes and a failure to fund a national highway system while the positive spectrum of results noted the heavy recent national growth and extended funding of the technology sector within the Greco-Soviet States.

What is YOUR nation's viewpoint? (Remember to answer honestly ;) )

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The GDR is Rational Communist.

There are no parties, and people get into the higher ranks of government through promotion by vote based on merit and good work of the person. This makes organizing votes more difficult than in 'classic' democratic nations, but ensures that every governmental position is taken by people actually wanted by our population. Thanks to the high technological standards of our nation, citizens can vote with only a few clicks on their government-issued armband. (OOC: Similar to the armband you wear in Fallout, the Pip-Boy. )

Any candidate who thinks he can do well is allowed, be he socialist, capitalist or communist in his personal ideology.

Our economy is one of the biggest in the world, that should say enough about its state.

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Zargathia is an Enlightened Absolute Monarchy.

All companies providing public services and goods important to maintaining a standard of life deemed necessary (e.g. power, running water, medical supplies, banks etc.) are nationalized so that the quality of these goods and/or services does not give in to the desire for profit. Companies that do not however are free to devise their own strategies in a free market system. We therefore feel that 'hybrid' describes our economy best.

All parties are considered legitimate, though Zargathia itself is not a democracy in the sense that it has elections. A better term to describe these 'parties' would be 'Organizations of people with similar interests', as every group is free to make requests and send petitions to the government as long as a base number of signatories is made to avoid clogging up the reviewing process.

Though we still have a long way to go, our economy is running excellently, taxes and revenues bringing in more money than we're spending and allowing us to exist without debt. Some long term investments are in place of course, but our treasury is sufficient to cover any potential losses.

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Procinctia is hypothetically a capitalist country, yet no capitalist economic activity actually takes place within Procinctia’s borders.

Following the Republic of War-Procinctia War Procinctia’s economy is non-existent. Fishing in Procinctia, which was Procinctia’s only economic activity after the war, collapsed completely when Tahoe was granted fishing rights in Procinctia’s Exclusive Economic Zone following the Anchorage Talks.

Procinctia currently produces nothing, while the average Procinctian is content on living off the scraps of Procinctia’s former glory, and because no one actually makes money anymore the country has reverted to a barter economy. There is a large populist movement with rapidly increasing support to end capitalism outright in Procinctia.

Procinctia’s political parties were literally killed off in the Republic of War-Procinctia War, although there is no restriction economic affiliation for political parties in Procinctia.

The only tax in Procinctia is a national sales tax, which hasn’t been relevant since people stopped buying things with money.

Procinctia trades exclusively with Dranagg for purchases pertaining to Procinctia’s government.

Procinctia’s population is surprisingly nearly the wealthiest per capita worldwide, the result of an emergency edict the government during Tahoe’s ultimatum, which redistributed all government funds to finance $350,000 to each citizen.

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Rhodesia is a capitalist nation.

We use a traditional capitalist system. However, our economy could be described as fair, as we are a new nation. However, we are rapidly developing and we make a lot more money than we spend.

In government, communists and socialists are banned parties and are not allowed to hold public office as they are deemed a threat to the well-being of the state.

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Molakia is an Economically Capitalist country with Socialist influences in small numbers. Health Care is guranteed by the state, Housing is regulated to prevent massive price swings.

Communist are barred from Political Office due to their history of producing dictators and dissidents. Socialist and Capitalist are allowed to freely partake in office.

Molakia is in the deep depths of a Depression. Our Economy has stagnated and declined sharply, with valuable land running scarce as most of it is used for Farming. The only Industries still doing good, and are actually gaining money, are the Defense Industries (Namely Molakian Arms), The Marijuana Industry and the Alcohol Distilling and Brewing industires. Without these industries, Molakia would be a Third World Nation.....minus 1 world.

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The closest option to Australia's economy is a hybrid one. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to start up businesses at any time they believe they are capable. Laws favor newer and smaller companies, and stiff penalties ensure corruption cannot flourish for long.

A minimum wage is set, and individuals incapable of working can apply for unemployment or disabilities, depending on their situation. Senior Citizens are permitted to apply for Social Security.

The Overall evonomy is between good and excellent, favoring good only because of the high taxes.

All parties are considered equal in the eyes of the law.

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The Republic of Finland is a Democratic Capitalist nation. All parties are allowed if they can get a large enough petition signed.

The military is nationalized to avoid the lowest-bidder system, and private military corporations are banned. Separation of Church and State, the laws generally follow "If it is between two consenting adults and does not violate rights, it is fine." Companies are watched so they don't break the law.

Equal opportunity projects make sure people can get the education they need to pull themselves up. Anti-Trust legislation prevents monopolies and keeps the market competitive.

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Tahoe is a capitalist economy. Our economic sectors have two focuses: high tech products such as computers, software and aircraft and agriculture, as the western regions of North America are among the most productive agricultural regions in the world.

Welfare is non-existant as far the government is concerned, and there is no federal minimum wage. Laws generally are designed to prohibit immoral working conditions although laws are much more relaxed than most of the world.

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