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Final Election Round


Molakian Presidential Election  

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http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?s...=73189&st=0 for Previous Results.


Mob Barley, Fmr. Vice President and Molakian Senator

Mob is part of the old guard of Molakian politics, having some role in goverment since the Aleutian days. He favors the formation of "European Union" of Democratic and progressive countries, saying that "Its our union. If we dont want Uberstein or Italy, we dont need to invite them." His domestic policies are fairly liberal, including decreasing the military budget ("If the United Europa comes to play, several nations put together would be good for peacekeeping and defense.") and Spending more on Aid to nations to spread goodwill. His Foreign Policy favors less sabre rattling and more talking.


Eugene Roe, Fmr Brotherhood of Mol Archon and Special Forces Soldier

Being one of the few higher ranking members of the Brotherhood to support the Queen, Roe escaped legal issues. He supports a slightly more isolated role for Molakia in the Foreign Affairs area, saying that "The Queen needs to learn to stay silent. He views are supported and correct, but tact is needed." He will increase Molakia's cultural budget to peacefully spread the good side of Molakia abroad to fix her image. He also plans to speak regularly with regimes such as Italy and her allies "To promote a united europe". His overall approach to issues is moderate, favoring "Whatever helps Molakia the most".

Whoever Holds 60% of vote after 3 days or 51% after 5 days will be declared winner.

(OOC Post IC who you Support, AKA who you voted for.)

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