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We will not be using forums as they leave a trail. Instead i ask that you create a alias to email info to me.

After info is verified i will post a summary weekly or monthly depending on the available info on these forums.

For aa i ask the you infiltrate any alliances with 100 members or more and email sensitive info to cnspycnspy@yahoo.com or for urgent info send message to Yahoo instant messenger cnspycnspy. Please do not reveal your identity as a spy to anyone even me eventually we will set up reward pools but that is in the distant future.

for those of you that want to list me as an enemy thats fine im already zd..

I asked for help from senior alliances with Loss cheating at the game and blaming me you all refused to help so to make the game fun for me again i am forced to create a network.

In reference to why i was placed on a perma z list LOSS


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Not to mention that a dozen alliances are going to slip double spies in, feed you false information, and use that to trap and destroy you.


Especially if they coordinate their efforts....


*hint hint*

You'd think they'd be smarter. :rolleyes:

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