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Minilla Island Breaks Ground

Minilla Island

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Tonight, the Halkevi has announced a railway project that will connect the Islands of Sumatra, Java, and the Traditional Western Islands. The main trunk of the railway will go over the Jet Jaguar Bay Bridge at Jet Jaguar (formerly Jakarta) Java Province, and go over the Java Main Line to Blythebourne, TWI. The North end will go to the Western Coast of Sumatra Province, with a connector to a combination Rail/Motor tunnel that will be the widest tunnel ever built on the North Coast. This Combo Tunnel is a proposal to link the AUP Protectorate and Singapore to Minilla Island. The Rail Cars have been ordered, and the new rail link will be built with speed in mind.

New England's Bombardier Industries have been contacted and contracted for their CRH-1 High-Speed train for the rail link between Sumatra and Asia when approved. The picture of it is here:


Furthermore, Anguirus' Kromm Heavy Industries, who made the trains for the Victoria And Rolisica Commuter Systems, have been contracted to add the trains throughout the Southern Provinces when the links are complete. However, they can also be moved to the Asian branch if necessary. The photo of the proposed train:


Prime Minister Albert Grant hailed this as "the crowning achivevment for our nation and for Asian commerce." The price tag has been set at MI$225 Billion over five years. Ground breaking will take place on December 4, and an estimated 100,000 people will be building the rail links.

Furthermore, it is porposed to be the first system that will have a primarily Concrete and Steel roadbeds in order to protect from washouts and excessive noise. When finished, it will serve as the crowning jewel in transportation and commerce.

We will be looking forward to working with all nations in the region to make this possible.

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