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The Mafia take a stand

Gary Leger

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Brilliant political move.

Basically this and expected/10. Not sad at all, but necessary. Etc etc.

your concern is noted and appreciated but we felt is was the right move to strengthen the bonds of freindship that came from us working together in TSU

The Mafia ... oh you.

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It's nice to see that people stand behind there treaties. People tend to fall off the path every so often. There friends should be there to pick them up and brush them off when they falter not kick em while they are down.

I don't know all that involves this treaty but I personally see it as a poor move!

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Maybe you should learn about who your signing with? I mean people change after time, but hell not after a few days.

By the way, its usually cancelled after the 72 hours, it would be funny for someone to declare on UED before then and you get pulled in now wouldnt it?

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UED obviously has some internal issues we weren't aware of upon signing. KD is a great guy but without control over his members actions who knows what could happen.

Yes because a person with 1 day seniority in the alliance is totally member of government, and reflects exactly what the interior stability of the alliance is like.

Should have gotten to know them before you signed a treaty.

Can the MoFA break this treaty? I would assume it would have to be sanctioned by the leader of the alliance.

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