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Tales from magical mystery FCO land


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Finnish Coöperation Örganizätion Communique

meine Damen und Herren!

In the tranquil land of FCO, rarely do announcementworthy things take place. We are fine gentlemen who like to enjoy our New York Times, a cup of espresso and a pipeful of fine tobacco in a armchair, plotting the demise of all that's good and noble in the world instead of actually participating in all of the madness that's taking place in the depressing world below us. So, in this smug isolation of ours we have to excite ourselves with each other and when nearly a hundred handsome gentlemen gather together to find some joy from each other, there's nothing that would beat a cheerful little election!

So, yeah, our monthly triumvirate elections are once again over, this time it was about me, Iosif Moldov being pitted against firece for the spot of the retired triumvir Aurora. It was really a splendid erection but in the manly struggle Iosif Moldov was able to claim the Throne of Malevolence and thus from this very day to the next March, I will be holding the seat of a FCO triumvir.

So, the December-January seating of our Triumvirate will be;

  • Wave32 of Tamlandia
  • bekloppt of Greater Finland
  • Iosif Moldov of Iosif Moldovstan

Unfortunately, that is all for today, but we'll let you wait in excitement for precisely one month later we will releave what kind of fool dared to dare the grand Wave32 in the gory fields of the democratic process!

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Iosif squeezed in again. It's always a tight fit ;)

Also, New York Times!?!? Come on, I would of thought it would of been something better than that. Although interestingly Scandinavian countries buck the trend in decreasing newspaper circulation. So I'm not surprised you like your papers. Anyway, tangent over with, read better papers.

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