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Spy games

Markus Wilding

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Evan Gibbons was in his office, mulling over paperwork. A knock came on the door, and Secretary of Defense Isaac Swift entered, calmly saying, "Sir, there's news of reforms going on in Italy. They're moving away from facism, and rather fast, might I add." Evan glanced over the papers, slapped them down on a table and said "What the bloody hell do you want me to do with these? Write a nifty book or something?" Isaac looked around and leaned in closer. "Sir, I advise you to send a spy into Italy to see if what's going on is as true as they make it to be." Evan got up, closed the door and said, "You want me to send a spy to Europe to confirm your little fantasy??!" Isaac held up a document that was behind his back. "Him. Settimio Fanucci. Natural-born Italain. Migrated here about a year ago, and now he's our citizen. He speaks Italian, he is Italian, we don't have anyone better." took the document, muttered "English and Italian..." then siged and put the document down. "Alright. Send him in. But do know that if he's caught, the whole world is going to cry out for our heads." Isaac radioed for Command to nab Settimio from his home. "I knw, Sir."

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