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Tahoe's Air Force doubles number of armed UAV's


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Chief of Staff of the Tahoe Air Force, Air Marshal Daniel Imrallan announced "We've moved from using UAVs primarily in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance roles, to a true hunter-killer role with the Reaper."

Currently the Tahoe Air Force (TAF) has 55 MQ-1 Predator drones developed by the General Atomic corporation of San Diego primarily using them as reconaissance. The Air Force announced it has purchased 155 MQ-9 Reaper (Predator 2) upgrades for a dual recon and hunter killer role against ground targets. Plans for up to 400 of the UAVs are announced, as they are much cheaper to construct than conventional aircraft, albeit sacrificing major preformace capabilities in the process. They will not replace any squadrons currently equipped with conventional aircraft, and the Air Force is creating a new program specifically to train "pilots" for servine flying the UAVS


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