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The Incorporated City-States of Brengstklau

What is Brengstklau?

Brengstklau is an entity that prides itself in binding its members into not just an alliance, but a new nation (referred elsewhere as an alliance for simplicity!). All members are considered incorporated city-states, that prides itself in self-defense and unity, growth and justice. We are always looking for new recruits, that we hope will become active, committed, and respected members of our community.

We are an 180-day-old alliance with two branches of government, one of which is elected, and another of which is appointed by Emperor. Both work to further the alliance, and you have two routes to work your way into government. We reside on the brown team, and due from starting from quite humble beginnings, we are still small as compared to other alliances. Here, you aren't a brick in the wall, and we'd be glad to have you here if you'd like to have a change-of-pace in a small alliance!

What Brengstklau Offers:

$3mi in start-up aid

Protection by Brengstklen Military

Brown Trade Circles and Tech Deals

An elected branch of government where your concerns will be voiced

A hierarchy of organizations that you can work your way up in

Leadership and Government Opportunities

Guides, Mentors, and an Academy System (waived for older nations)

A forums with an active community that would love to get to know you

If you'd like more info, feel free to check out our wikia (link), or our forums!:


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