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A Press Release from The Corporation

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The Corporation has decided (amongst much controversy) to do something unconventional in our grand alliance. Yes, that's right, we've decided to actually follow our charter. As such, we recently held elections, to which you are now forced to see the results of.

In an amazing turn of events, iClean retained the title of Chief Executive Officer by a 27-0 vote after editing his opposing candidate's place in the poll. As a result... I'm still the Chief Communications Officer.

The Executives

Chief Executive Officer: iClean (Balder)

Chairman: Kevin McDonald

The C-Level Officers

Chief Communications Officer: Jon Archer

Chief Security Officer: Valves

Chief Administrative Officer: Legendoftheskies

Chief Financial Officer: Obiwan

The Board of Directors

Director of Public Relations: Saeton

Director of Risk: Bungalo Bill

Director of Compliance: Armybound

Director of Human Resources: Jake997

Director of Knowledge: Hereno

Director of Supply: Akeetti

You'll notice that most of these people are familiar faces in our government. For those that aren't... well... their predecessors were deemed to be commies and thus not suitable for leading the well-oiled Capitalist machine that is the Corporation. I'd like to close with our motto, as I feel it adequately sums up the events that happened here;

Full speed towards iClean!

o7 Corp

Edited by Jonathan Archer
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