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SpiderJerusalem versus SleepiB


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[17:46] <SpiderJ[RoK]> hi there

[17:46] <SpiderJ[RoK]> I answered you

[17:47] <Sleepib[TSO]> hmm

[17:48] <Sleepib[TSO]> what's the diff between our nations?

[17:48] <Sleepib[TSO]> in ns

[17:48] <SpiderJ[RoK]> 10k

[17:48] <SpiderJ[RoK]> however, you have 1,5k more tech

[17:48] <Sleepib[TSO]> anyone within whatever that is

[17:48] <SpiderJ[RoK]> and 10k more citizens

[17:48] <SpiderJ[RoK]> huh?

[17:49] <Sleepib[TSO]> any of your friends in rok within the NS difference of your nation and mine

[17:49] <Sleepib[TSO]> with relation to my nation

[17:49] <Sleepib[TSO]> so 81000 ns

[17:49] <Sleepib[TSO]> or less

[17:49] <Sleepib[TSO]> i'll accept the challenge from

[17:50] <SpiderJ[RoK]> hmm... ok...

[17:51] <SpiderJ[RoK]> however, I was the one challenged, so I will do it myself

[17:51] <SpiderJ[RoK]> even if it means certain defeat

[17:51] <Sleepib[TSO]> that's your own perogative

[17:51] <SpiderJ[RoK]> yup

[17:51] <SpiderJ[RoK]> however, I have one request

[17:51] <Sleepib[TSO]> ?

[17:52] <SpiderJ[RoK]> and that is that we wait until December 15th... I have 5 exams before then, and update is 7 in the morning for me

[17:52] <Sleepib[TSO]> i have to leave on the 22nd

[17:52] <Sleepib[TSO]> how about the 14th?

[17:52] <Sleepib[TSO]> so it'll be over

[17:52] <SpiderJ[RoK]> sorry, exam on the 15th... However, we could do a 5 day battle instead of a 7 day one, so that it fits for both of us

[17:53] <Sleepib[TSO]> mm ok

[17:53] <Sleepib[TSO]> if you want to use nukes or hold them back that's fine

[17:53] <Sleepib[TSO]> whatever you decide beforehand

[17:53] <SpiderJ[RoK]> yeah, I would prefer no nukes... It's really no skill in lobbing nukes in a 5 day war

[17:53] <Sleepib[TSO]> yeah

[17:54] <Sleepib[TSO]> alright, i'll see you then

[17:54] <SpiderJ[RoK]> great

This was discussed in a different location, however, I thought the reactions of my fellow national leaders may be interesting.

Thoughts? Reactions? Please discuss.

EDIT: My apologies, the subtitle cut off. It should read, "Split from the "Which alliance most deserves to be rolled?" thread"

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