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-------Broadcast from the Greco-Soviet Red Star News Channel--------



Natasha: With Europe currently standing on the edge of flames, it is always good to hear that hope still reigns supreme in our glorious homeland. While the capitalists bury their swords in one another in a orgie of murder and decedant deceit of the workers, our tovarisch, Chairwoman Temulin, turned the power of civilization towards GOOD uses in the inauguration of a national social security system today. One of the greatest cornerstones of a socialist society.

Natasha: While the private market continues to seek the enslavement of the vunerable and frail, we have seen the truth and our work efforts have paid off, so that all of our cherished and wise elders may live out their lives in peace. The chairwoman herself thanks the united workers of the Greco-Soviet States for their support that, despite investors concerns about a 2% tax increase associated with the new system, saw a stock market that rose by approximately 50% in the last quarter.


Natasha: With such great success behind the recent economy and the turmoil present within Europe seeming all to close to home, our great leader, in coordination and agreement with the CPSU inaugurated our new national naval military defensive platform. The five ship battle group consists of two of the latest generation Soviet Cruisers, two Corvettes and one battleship to display the might of the Soviet Nations. Fireworks were initiated over the christening of all such ships as they set out on their maiden voyage on patrol among the Greek Isles.

Note: GSSS stands for Greco-Soviet States Ship


GSSS - Aquarius (Skywatch Equipped)

GSSS - Temulin's Backscratcher


GSSS - Delphinus

GSSS - Pisces


GSSS - Poseidon

Natasha: While these new naval forces mean an increased national security, our chairwoman informs us that their primary goal is to safeguard a Communist Greece for future generations from those who would seek to impose their will through military force. In order to better secure the lives aboard these vessels and protect our shores, the CPSU has also provided funding for the construction of two new national naval acadamies along with a shipyards for future naval investments. Funds were also set aside for a future development project of a new Soviet Fighter plane based off an old hidden mirage of the middle east... the new fifth generation fighter plane will come to round out the new Soviet Military Defense Forces upon the projects completion.


Natasha: Anyone wondering as to where the money for these projects has come from need only observe the national economy, which shot up by an astounding 50% during this quarter. News that rallied the workers, despite fears preached by the bourgeoisie of the new national social security system, as it continued it's rise today. Despite major investment losses do to shallow returns on national technological investments in the first quarter, growth continued in the form of increased government investment withing new national infrastructure projects and a the necessary expansion of the nations military potential. While continued growth is being spurred by the new infrastructure boosts, the CPSU is actually considering taking a more conservative approach in the next quarter in order to insure a sleeker national defense budget that is more prepared for the inevitable national disaster or calamity.

Natasha: The thought process is that while growth is good, a stable future is better then a quickly growing unstable one, so further interests will be invested in creating a more stable economy before the nation returns to focus on growth once again. So, while the party economic sector is requesting increased investment in a new massive national interstate system, the chairwoman is apparently seeking to finance other parties in the "interest of security of the great shield of socialism". Once again, we are told that this will cause stagnation within the economy, but the chairwoman is apparently in disagreement declaring that the will of the people will continue to cause the great soviet state to rise during the next quarter just as it did in the last.

Natasha: As always, you can post your comments on our blog as we consider the bright and wonderful communist future awaiting us all. Please be patient as our censors take a certain amount of time to ensure that you do not write something you would blush about later.

OOC: Big day, got a navy (5 ships), boosted my national infrastructure by a ton, acquired a social security system and I continue to drag in new technology... my nations NS graph looks like an exponential, but unfortunately it's going to stay at a fairly stable level for a while after I'm done with it.

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