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Nueva Vida Protectorate


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Nueva Vida - Order of Justice Protectorate

Article 1 - Sovereignty and Non-Aggression

Under this treaty both Nueva Vida and the Order of Justice will agree to respect each other and under no circumstance attack a member of either Alliance without prior permission granted by the other.

Article 2 - Technology

For the duration of this pact the Order of Justice will preferrably sell technology to Nueva Vida at a fixed rate of 3 million per 100 tech.

Article 3 - Protection

For the duration of this pact Nueva Vida will defend the Order of Justice against all unwarranted agression. This includes but is not limited to military, financial and diplomatic aid.

Article 4 - Foreign Policy

Both Alliances agree not to participate in politics that interfere with the well-being or sovereignty of the other.

Article 5 - Cancellation

This pact will remain in existence as long as it is economically beneficial to its signatories, should the Order of Justice no longer desire to sell technology to Nueva Vida or Nueva Vida no longer desire to buy it from the Order of Justice this pact can be canceled.

Signed for Nueva Vida,

Nelchael, Emperor of Nueva Vida

Hizzy, Lord of Brotherhood

Signed for The Order of Justice

Marcus The Great, Triumvir

Adude, Triumvir

Ya, they're all the rage these days but we're bored so a little excitement will be fun. As usual, don't hesitate to drop me a line if there's any issues.

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You endorse xr1 but ridicule Lawrence? That in itself I find funny.

He didn't really ridicule anyone in his comment... unless there's some undertone that I'm not catching, just seems like he's being supportive.

I can only hope that NV doesn't come to regret what seems like a hasty decision in giving OoJ a protectorate after their former protector canceled on them.

Good luck NV, I have faith that you will be able to steer them in the right direction.

Well here's the thing... before we decided to give them the protectorate, I spoke with a representative from MHA about why they cancelled and I was told it was relating to the tech deal part of their contract. While I understand and respect MHA's reasons, Nueva Vida does not have the same stipulation on our treaty; yes, we ask for preferential tech deals, but if we're not filling their slots with deals, then we have no problem with them selling to other parties.

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