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The Dead Sexy Doctrine

Let's face it, you can't break-up old friends. When someone separates you from them, are you just going give up on them? Some say that treaties are nothing more than pieces of paper, but to us, they're codified friendships. As such, it gives us both profound pleasure in announcing that the Grand Global Alliance and Echelon are getting hitched ... again!


In the interest of solidifying positive relations and intent on paper, the Grand Global Alliance (hereby referred to as GGA) and the Echelon (hereby referred to as Echelon) do agree to uphold the articles set forth in this agreement. May the current friendship be secured long into the future by the signing of this document .

Article I: Recognition of Sovereignty

Both the GGA and Echelon are to always be considered sovereign alliances. This document should in no way violate or interrupt upon either alliances right to sovereign decision making.

Article II: Mutual Defense

In the event that either alliance falls victim to attack from an aggressive third party it is the obligation of the non involved signatory to provide aid in the form of military support.

Both parties are expected to share intelligence of any anticipated threats to either alliances security.

ARTICLE III:.. Mutual Aggression

It is the understanding of the signatories that both parties are obligated to come to the aid of the other in case of an external armed attack against such party. In addition to this, both signatories pledge support in the event that aggressive military actions are conducted by either signatory. The manner of said support shall be dependent upon the responding parties abilities. Additionally the aggressive party may request that the other party remain out of any conflict as they see fit.

Article IV:. Nonaggression

Neither alliance shall engage in aggressive action with the other signatory. Nations who do so will be expected to pay full reparations within a reasonable time frame and face disciplinary action from the appropriate respective body in each alliance. Both signatories agree not to conduct espionage on the other signatory in any form and to avoid the use of trade or aid sanctions against either alliance’s member nations. A declaration of inter alliance war from either party on the other signatory will immediately render this agreement null and void.

Article V: Nullification

Should either alliance wish to withdraw from this agreement they must give notice to the other signatory at which point a 72 hour grace period will ensue, in which the articles of this agreement are deemed to be active.


Signed on behalf of the GGA:

Manfred, Holy Triumvirate and Chief Protector of the Realm

Andre27, Holy Triumvirate and Chief Protector of the Realm

Shaneprice, Holy Triumvirate and Chief Protector of the Realm

DeScepter, Elder Statesman

Degenerate108, Elder Statesman

ironchef, Elder Statesman

Signed on behalf of Echelon:

Neo Anglia, Director

Chogsilanimous, Director

Solidus117, Prime Minister

Capt. McKinnon, Minister of Foreign Affairs

memoryproblems, Minister of Internal Affairs

Ruggerdawg, Minister of Finance

KMBanana, Minister of Defense

Ding Dong, Civil Councilor

Kafron, Civil Councilor

sircrimson, Civil Councilor

otherworld, Civil Councilor

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Don't see many of these signed anymore.

Oh well, congrats to you folks. :)

aye, to sign a treaty of this magnitude, you have to think about alot of things, and make sure that it is an appropriate bond between two alliances, that your directions are compatible, and that you trust the other party enough not to use it to #$!@ you.

In the case of this treaty, we in Echelon felt so strongly about GGA and our friendship with them that all doubts we're put to rest, which says alot about the friendship between us.

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Don't see many of these signed anymore.

Oh well, congrats to you folks. :)

This was the resigning of a treaty that was canceled as part of war terms given to Echelon. The GGA had no reason to not have a MDAP with our friends in Echelon before the war why would that change after.

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One Vision 2.0 reformation etc etc? /me alerts his scribes

Hopefully your views are different from the last time around, good luck, obviously you have a high amount of trust in each other to get an MADP (back?) up

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