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Imperial Decree from the New Pacific Order


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Retirement and Appointment of New Imperial Officers and Change in Governance

New Imperial Counselor

I do hereby appoint Imperial Officer for Military Affairs UmbraeNoctem to the position of Imperial Counselor. UmbraeNoctem has served as a model leader of our military and is one of the longest service Military Affairs Imperial Officers in our history. It is with regret that I see him retiring from his duties in Military Affairs, but I smile with the renewed promise of his wise counsel and leadership to the Emperor and Imperial Officers as a Counselor.

New Imperial Officer for Military Affairs

It is with regret. that after a long and noted career, that I must announce that Imperial Officer DarkMistress has retired. DarkMistress has had an illustrious career outside of our alliance, and then slowly worked her way through our meritocratic system, through both the Diplomatic Corps and to High Command. Her retirement is a loss to this alliance and we wish her the only the best.

I do hereby appoint General JesseEnd to the rank of Imperial Officer for Military Affairs. JesseEnd has shown excellent leadership as well as tact through these very difficult times for Military Command, and I welcome his counsel and his courage to lead us through the future, as we exit terms and take command of our destiny once again.

I do hereby appoint Loucifer as an Imperial Officer for Military Affairs (again). With change in High Command, Loucifer's experience with military affairs is called upon again, with both DarkMistress and UmbraeNoctem retiring from their posts.

New Imperial Officer for Economic Affairs

With the reassignment of the former Tech Officer, I do hereby appoint Bakamitai as Imperial Officer for Economics Affairs and abolish the position of Imperial Officer for Technological Affairs. Bakamitai has shown excellence in leadership both as an Executive in the Technology Corps and as an Imperial Legate in the Diplomatic Corps. Through his wisdom of foreign affairs and his knowledge of economics, it is our hope that Bakamitai can lead our economic organs into an era of inter-alliance economic transactions and structures

Retiring of Imperial Officer for News & Propaganda hawk_11

hawk_11 has had a long and noted career in the New Pacific Order, rising through the Media Corps and the Diplomatic Corps, holding the positions of Foreign Affairs Imperial Officer and News & Propaganda Imperial Officer. As RL claims another victim, we must say farewell to hawk_11, and wish him the best as he reduces his activity and explores the rest of the CN world.

The Imperial Advisory Committee, the Council and the Governance of the New Pacific Order

The Imperial Advisory Committee was created by my predecessor to create a medium whereby those members deemed wise and experienced in the eyes of the Emperor could give their input on the broader strategic direction of the Order and its governance. I think this was a good idea and the IAC accomplished a great deal of good. However, situations change and as the world turns, so too, we must change. While the IAC did much good, it also greatly eroded the Council, both by the perception that it was higher or more important than the Council and by assuming various duties that the Council once performed.

For this reason, as well as others, I feel that the perception of the Council has decreased in the months and years since those days when the (then) War Council and Alliance Council literally controlled virtually all of the affairs of the New Pacific Order. While I do not wish to return to such a state of affairs at this point in our history, I believe we need to empower the Council in such a way that brings more meaning to the institution and represents the Body Republic in the most effective manner possible.

To those ends, I do hereby abolish the Imperial Advisory Committee. I do hereby change the eligibility requirement to run for Council from 30 days of service in the Order to 3 months. I do hereby grant the Council operational control with Imperial Officer for Internal Affairs oversight over the following Departments: Recruiters Corps, Mentors Corps, Research & Development, Star Guard, House Sitter and the Library. All Departments shall have access to the Council.

I do hereby dismiss all current Councilors and I call for fresh elections from the Body Republic not inconsistent with the present decree. The top three vote receivers shall be granted a two-month term, while the next three shall be granted a one-month term, with the subsequent election to follow standard election guidelines not inconsistent with the present decree.

To the Body Republic, I say this: Know that these changes were not made because of individuals. I make these changes because of changes to our system, not because of personnel. All the members, past and present of the Imperial Advisory Committee and the Council have served well and honorably, and I thank them all for their service. Francoism demands change as our situations change. No institution is good because it was good in the past, no body is sacred but the Order itself.

I also say to the Body Republic: I have heard the calls to reform our governance. I have heard of the problems of the Council and the Imperial Advisory Committee. No solution is perfect, because we are human and imperfect, but we can work together to make our Order more perfect. If you wish to help in the governance of the Order, if you have ideas or problems and want to be heard, know that your Councilors are there for you. If you think you can make the Order better, if you think you can represent the Body Republic to the Emperor and help to represent the Emperor's policies to the Body Republic, run for Council, but run knowing that the responsibility of this new Council will not be small and it will not be easy, but no task worth doing is worth doing if it easy. Only by braving the challenges of today and tomorrow are we made greater, and through that triumph bring to our people peace, strength and prosperity.

Hail the Body Republic!

Hail the New Pacific Order!

Emperor Blackbird

New Pacific Order

Comrade Chuckles

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Can those of us not so familiar with your whole system get a running list of current gov? Im just lost reading all of this

If you include all those in leadership roles, it's just about every single active person in the alliance... that gets on IRC, that is.

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Can those of us not so familiar with your whole system get a running list of current gov? Im just lost reading all of this

Located here

Emperor: Cortath

Imperial Regent:Mary the Fantabulous

Other Officials

Imperial Officers

Imperial Counselor: Vladimir, Umbrae Noctem

Imperator Emeritus: Dilber, TrotskysRevenge

Military Affairs: Loucifer, Jesse End

Foreign Affairs: VektorZero and Triyun

Internal Affairs: Sir Donald R. Deamon, Brehon

Economic Affairs: Millionario, Bakamitai

News and Propaganda:

Clerk: Sir Paul

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