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Who said Four Leaf Clovers don't bring luck?

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Hydra and OFLC have had a long relationship, both alliances have been close ever since the formation of Hydra 6 months ago, and I am glad to call OFLC friends. I have wanted to sign a treaty with OFLC ever since our formation, and I am extremely happy to finally be able to announce this treaty of friendship and defense. Without further ado, I present to you a Hydra-OFLC production:


The Irish and Serpents reunite

Article I: Non-Aggression

i. The signatories of this pact will refrain from acts of espionage, attacks or other malicious actions against each other.

ii. If there is a disagreement between the signatories, they will honor their commitment to solving these issues through means of diplomacy via private channels first and foremost.

Article II: Aid & Information

i. The signatories of this agreement pledge to help each other during times of peace or war. This includes, but is not limited to, technical information, mutually beneficial trading, organizational assistance and diplomatic support.

ii. The signatories of this pact pledge that any information regarding a threat to, or possible attack upon either signatory is required to be shared between the signatories immediately.

Article III: Mutual Defense

i. Should either signatory of this pact fall under attack, the other signatory is required to respond with full military, financial and diplomatic support to help resolve the issue.

Article IV: Revision and Termination

i. This pact may be amended at will by the express consent of both signatories.

ii. This pact may be terminated provided Article I; Part ii has been satisfied. The terminating signatory must inform the other signatory with a clear explanation of their justification privately. Upon this notice of cancellation, the treaty shall remain in effect for a seventy two hour period.

Signed for Hydra,

Jacapo Saladin, Imperator

Ligolski, Prime Minister of Finance

Joshsname, Minister of Defense

Lord Bludd, Minister of Recruitment

Sniper620, Minister of Internal Affairs

Cavefox, Senator

Kniftarp, Senator

Rebound, Senator

Signed for Order of the Four Leaf Clover,

ShadeyBob, Triumvir

mydogti, Triumvir

rstat1, Triumvir

chaosclanlord, Minister of Defense

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