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An important milestone in iFOK history


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Dear inhabitants of Planet Bob :ph34r: ,

Lately, iFOK reached a very important milestone.

Yes, we reached the 2 million NS boundary! :D


I'd like to thank our loyal allies, Fark, FCO, SLCB, VE and especially our brothers in FOK, for supporting us all this time. :wub: We couldn't have reached this without you!

Furthermore, I'd like to thank all our members and all the former and current government members. People have been, still are and always will be the most important asset of our alliance. It is what makes iFOK special, and I'm truly proud of that. :blush:

Let's hit the 3 million! :v:

Kind regards,

ikMark, iFOK Triumvir of Foreign Affairs

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Divi Filius Posted Today, 06:03 PM

QUOTE (Kel @ Nov 26 2009, 06:01 PM) *

Lol, there is no need; Harry in in charge of FOK, therefore we win tongue.gif tongue.gif tongue.gif

Insulting our president ?

This means war!

Lol Divi Filius, not insulting him at all.

Ome does not need any help, he is a one man band.

I am just waiting for me Kebab, thats all

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