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Una exploración del Surrealismo

Elrich von Richt

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Juan de la Cosa looked out at the coastline, and into the newly donned Golfo de México, after the region known to the people of Nueva Espanã as Mexico. The location he was in was serene, but probably one of the most remote regions of the Empire. As he continued to stare, and daydream, the settlement of Pensacola rested peacefully in the background. He was in Condado de Escambia, in Florida. This remote region marked the end of Imperial control, and the shift into the unknown wilderness beyond. Not many explorers like himself had ever ventured beyond the borders of Pensacola, and into the wild territory. He had however, been assigned here by the Emperor, and his orders were clear. He was to explore the wilderness, and claim the territory in the name of Nueva Espanã. Cartographers had noted for awhile, and merchant reports had also made it clear, that this wilderness concluded the last remaining piece of the Panhandle, the long-shaped part of Florida that branched off the normal part.

With him, were 2,000 troops, given the mission, a reasonable number. He was also provided a horse to make travel light, and easy for himself. The Emperor had even been so generous as to grant him the title of Conquistador! Such a title was an honor in the Empire, and only given to those truly worthy of imperial assignment. This proved that Antonio I was serious. He would do the mission to the best of his ability, and claim this territory in the name of the Empire. If the natives proved hostile, then they would be forced to submit. If they proved heathen, they would be taught the ways of the Catholic faith, and Christianity. They wouldn't be forced of course, Imperial Decree #2 had made sure of that. Antonio I's liberal reforms won him popularity among both the natives, and the Spanish inhabitants. Peace and coexistence were above all things, encouraged. As he prepared to head west, and begin his trek into the yonder, he checked his supplies. Once he was certain everything was ready, and all things were packed, he gave the signal. In simple Spanish, he communed the following: "Move, hastily, and follow my lead.". Some of his soldiers had to converse and translate, since Catalonians were among his given troops, and a few native auxiliaries were prepared as support. What in the name of our God, will i see in this forsaken land? All Juan could wonder, and ponder upon, was this question.

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