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Vauleo-Buryatia Socialist Coalition merges with Vaule Fenix Party

Imperator Azenquor

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BCNA: Buryatian Socialist Alternative coalition merges

“In preparation for the next national elections, the Buryatian Socialist Alternative Coalition has decided to merge into a single political party. The Coalition, consisting of the Buryatian Socialist Party and the Party of Labor, has merged with the Vaule Fenix Party into a new party called the Social Democratic Party (SDP). The SDP is expected to nominate candidates for Legislative positions as early as next week in preparation for the national elections.

At this point it is unclear if incumbent President Trubachev, whose approval ratings are hovering near to 41% will seek to win another term as President, but it is highly unlikely that the SDP would support him. Several members of the President’s own party have attacked him for what they termed as ‘weak positions on several key issues including the Yacrania situation’. Despite the criticisms, the party has praised President Trubachev’s handling of the national economy and national security, as well as crediting him with the seamless merger of Vaule and Buryatia.

Pollsters predict that the SDP should win another electoral landslide in the Legislature during the next national elections, but some are predicting that the Presidential race could me much more difficult to predict if the opposition parties rally around a single opposition candidate.

So far, the SDP has unveiled a few of their campaign promises ahead of the election cycle. The most surprising promise is that they will abolish both the Vaulean and the Buryatian monarchies and they will formally separate the church and the state. On the economic front, the party has pledged to increase expenditure on social welfare programs and education, and reduce the National Reserve contribution as of the next fiscal budget. The SDP has also pledged to withdraw completely from Vauleo-Buryatia’s Antarctic territory within a year after the next election.

One possible SDP Presidential candidate being considered is veteran politician Dr. Miroslav Anyatevich. Dr. Anyatevich is from the far left of the Party of Labor, but has moved significantly towards the center in recent months.”


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OOC: I get the feeling that you're setting yourself up for war with Slavorussia.

IC: We congratulate Vaulo-Buryatia on their recent successes.

OOC: lol :awesome: If I do want a war with Slavorussia, I'm already set up for it. :)



-SDP Flag

SDP Party Congress meets in Sygh-Varthys

“Today, the first official Party Congress of the SDP began in Sygh-Varthys. The Congress was opened by President Trubachev and is expected to last for at least three days. The Congress is expected to decide on several key issues for both before and after the next election.

These issues include:

-Nomination of Legislative Candidates for the Great People’s Khural

-Expansion of the number of MPs in the People’s Khural from 700 to 1500

-Nomination of Party Leader and Presidential Candidate

-Approving all measures to go on referendum

-Nomination of the Party Executive Committee

-Abolition of all Unions

-Dissolution of the monarchy

Most of these issues will be addressed prior to the next election, while the Dissolution of the monarchy is expected to be decided upon after the election. Some internal disagreement can be expected at the congress, as a faction of the SDP has urged the party to put a measure to referendum that would dissolve all opposition parties. President Trubachev and most of the centrist and center left party members have voiced concern or outright opposition to the idea.

President Trubachev, contrary to previous rumors, has announced his intention to seek the SDP’s nomination to run for a second term as President.”-Reporter

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