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Looking for Prospective Business partners


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Greetings My name is codeXveronica and I am looking for a group of people who would be intrested in starting an alliance... all of the following things are open for debate.


The only thing I request is that we are protected by Echelon my mother alliance and my firend. Even if you are not sure then visit #greetings anytime to talk some about it, if imnot around then query me and tell me what you can do best in an alliance and if your intrested thanks.

Also if your are starting an alliance and your are willing to consider Ehcelon then shoot me up... or if you have started an alliance and you would like me and your willing to consider Echelon as a protector then shoot me up!

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Just a little update we now have 13 prospective members as well as 105,000 NS.... keep it going please :) if your also an alliance that is micro then come on and get ready to merge into us... we still dont have a name... and more gov postions are open the ever before... :D... if we dont have a gov postion you want we will do our best to make one...

We got people Experienced in

Foreign Affairs


Internal Affairs

and we need more more more!!!!!!!! why not have a mirco revolution while we are at it :)

Message me back here, in cybernations or at #greetings on coldfront irc

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