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$20,000 is not a lot of money, you need an actual charter what you have (so far) could just be a preamble, use InvisionFree forums other one are just horrible, and finally get a better quality for your flag and don't save it as a .BMP from MS Paint.

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I will tell you up front that what I'm about to say is a tad harsh, but I hope you read it and take away something from it.

The alliance you have started is doomed to fail. There are many reasons, but I will list the biggest ones so that you may try to fix them.

- As was mentioned in the post above mine, your charter is not a true charter. You should look at the examples of other charters written in the Player Created Alliances forum to get a better idea of what one really looks like.

- Again, as previously mentioned, your flag is really displeasing to look at. I would suggest asking someone to make a much better one, or trying to come up with a better one yourself.

- Your forums look unprofessional. They are also purple, and not maroon which one would normally assume. However, that is ok, it is just the overall look of the forum feels VERY basic. It won't attract many to join.

- Your nation is small, yet you've been around a while. That tells me you haven't really learned the basics of nation building. Your nation isn't really small due to any wars, since you've only had 1,000 casualties. You also do not have all your trades set, nor do you have any bonus resources. Intelligent nation rulers will not join an alliance led by a person who so clearly does not know how to build his own nation. I've been around a third of the time you have, and my nation is 4x as strong.

- You have also listed your nation under the alliance affiliation Maroon Defense Coalition - Maroon Union. This will lead people to believe you are still in the MDC. If that is true, I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate you flying their AA while you have created your own alliance. You should change your AA to Maroon Union.

- The amount of aid you have offered is trivial. No one will join your alliance when there are offers above 500k. This shows your desperation to get members by adding any sort of aid that you can give.

- You also claim that the Maroon Union is the best alliance on Planet Bob, when you have just created it.

While I have definitely left out some things, I will now give you advice on what should be your next course of action.

Stay in MDC, if you're truly a member, and REALLY learn the ways of building a nation and an alliance. In a couple months, when you are TRULY ready, restart the Maroon Union. If you are not a member of MDC, I suggest you join an alliance you feel bests suits you. Not one where you'll get a government position, but one that can teach you the mechanics, policies, and politics of CN.

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