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Joint Announcement from Nordreich and the Republic of Aquisgrana


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In the brief five months since the Republic of Aquisgrana published our Declaration of Existence, we have again and again been overwhelmed by the generosity of spirit that others have shown to us. Excepting our former protector, Nueva Vida, none has excelled in this regard as has Nordreich, who have been our allies and friends since our beginning.

Nordreich never ceases to be an inspiration to us in their unfailing decency and good sense and their adamant refusal to let the past stand in the way of a better future for all. Leading by their sterling example, Nordreich has taught us what it means to be true comrades through everything.

With no further ado, it is my profound honor to announce to you the





Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact between Nordreich and the Republic of Aquisgrana, entered into this 24th day of November 2009.

By this treaty, signed in good faith, and based upon the noble ideals of camaraderie and cooperation common to both signatory alliances, Nordreich and the Republic of Aquisgrana affirm their ties in mutual cooperation and defense.



In-game aggression between the members of the Republic of Aquisgrana and Nordreich is strictly forbidden. In-game aggression includes, but is not limited to: sanctions, war declarations, furnishing aid to nations or alliances at war with either signatory alliance, and any form of espionage, whether in-game or otherwise.



Nordreich and the Republic of Aquisgrana recognize the strong bonds and mutual respect between their alliances, united by a spirit of amity, and recognize their duty to maintain and build on these relations. The signatories hereto further agree to refrain from any public criticism of the other signatory or members of the respective signatory alliances.

Any violation of this Article II and the preceding Article I will be addressed in private channels in a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation.



The Republic of Aquisgrana and Nordreich pledge to maintain open communications with each other.



Nordreich and the Republic of Aquisgrana agree that, should either party through any means whatsoever come into possession of information concerning the safety or standing of the other they are bound to share it with the other party through private channels at the earliest possible opportunity.



A. The Republic of Aquisgrana and Nordreich are bound together in times of war and peace. A direct attack upon one signatory of this treaty is hereby to be deemed a declaration of war on the other, and full military political and economic assistance shall be given in the common defense.

B. The foregoing notwithstanding, attacks upon either signatory hereto resulting from defensive obligations shall not be construed as a “direct attack” under this clause, but shall be governed by Article VI, below.



Neither alliance is obliged to partake in assistance in wars of aggression on the part of the other, either by providing aid or military assistance, yet are encouraged to provide support when needed. Additionally, the party engaging in an act of aggression may request that the other party remain out of any conflict as they see fit.



A breach of any of the terms listed above is grounds for this treaty’s termination, but is not required. Either party may choose to terminate this treaty for any reason at their sole discretion with seventy-two (72) hours’ notice. All terms set forth herein will continue in full force until the expiration of this notice period.


This treaty is incorporated into the law of the signatory alliances.

Signed for Nordreich:

Nemhauser, His Infernal Majesty, Reichskaiser von Nordreich

His Imperial Excellency Vinzent von Zeppelin, Kronprinz des Reiches

pd73bassman, Minister of Recruitment and Admissions

Isolde, Minister of Foreign Affairs

PuliSher, Reichsbanker

Gottrich Northeim, Minister of the Interior

S.F. Austin, Reichsgeneral

Sigurð Odinnson, Minister of Culture and Propaganda

Alvis, Althing

King Tower, Althing

Rebane, Althing

Sigrun, Althing

UnLimited, Althing

The Great Darren, Althing

XRCatD, Althing

Kaiser Martens, Viceroy of Norway and Member of the Althing

Signed for the Republic of Aquisgrana:

Valdemar, Magistratus

Elfriede Riotte, Minister Legati

Smylie, Minister Domesticus

Shermanaslovakia, Minister Frugalitas

Kurt von Equord, Minister Defensionis

Kaiser Milch, Minister Immigrationis

Edited by Valdemar
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"It's great that you two have decided to strengthen your ties... it is a real shame that I am no longer at the Republic of Aquisgrana... oh well, easy come easy go, little high little low..."

Anyway the wind blows, doesn't really matter to me, to me.

/me crosses singing "Bohemian Rhapsody" in a thread of his To-Do list...

Oh yeah, and congratz.

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I see a little silhouette of a man. Scaramouch, Scaramouch, will you do the Fandango?

I personally am very happy with this treaty. RoA have been very close allies from the moment they formed.

o/ Valdemar

o/ Elfriede

I second this. It is very good to have such a treaty with our allies and friends.

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