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Ragnarok Government Announcement

Van Hoo III

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Ragnarok has just completed elections and appointments for our Term XII government. The results are as follows:

Ruling Council

Van Hoo III, Emperor***

AlfredvonTirpitz, Regent**

Wombaticus, Vice Regent**

Mecha Sheikh, High Chancellor**

Kinzer, Vice Chancellor**

Jekalle, Consul*

High Council

(order is not chain of command)

KaitlinK, Lord of Finance*

welshgazza, Lord of Foreign Affairs*

Rampage3, Lord of Internal Affairs*

Lancer, Lord of War****

Advisory Council

(order is not chain of command)

Draco_Altair90, Lord of Education*

Thomas Grimshaw, Lord of Recruitment*

Syan Wilmont, Lord of Information*

pillowchub, Lord of Trades*

Bayerlic, Lord of Technology*

Valtamdraugr, Lord of Compliance*

* Elected position.

** Appointed position.

*** Lifetime position.

**** Military promotion.

Yes, we realize that our government is large and perplexing to outsiders ... but it works well for us. :P

Thank you and congrats to everyone elected or appointed!

Van Hoo III

Emperor of Ragnarok

Edited by Van Hoo III
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