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Siberian Tiger Alliance Announcement


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I am pleased to announce that a resolution has been reached between the Siberian Tiger Alliance and Kronos regarding recent rogue issues.

Kronos has agreed to pay 300 tech to the Siberian Tiger Alliance as compensation for the re-filling of war slots on nuclear rogue, Heracles the Great, who attacked a member of the Siberian Tiger Alliance which prevented us from mounting a defence of our member in a manner we usually do.

Despite our general disappointment that an agreement brokered by TOP was withdrawn the Siberian Tiger Alliance now considers the matter closed.

Crown Prince Mishka of Tygaland

Supreme Chancellor of the Siberian Tiger Alliance.

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I am extraordinarily pleased that cooler heads have prevailed and that belligerence has not won the day. I hope that such events do not transpire in the future, for I would hate to see friends come so close to each other's throats again. That and I'm sure as hell sick of the doublespeak we all got to deal with for the last few days :v:

o/ STA

o/ Tyga

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