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Monboss Message to Grøenlandia


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In the likely hood of an attack on your territory by the Tahoe Republic, Monbossa proposes the transfer of a thousand soldier, create of munitions ans artillery pieces to the islands to help in the defence.

(OOC: If there is a fight I want to get some of my guys involved. They need some combat experience, plus I haven't had the chacne to RP a good battle in ages. :P)

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**Classified Follow-Up**

We may be going to war for the EU. If your men need combat experience, they are more than welcome to go with FRG troops. They could wear FRG uniforms if you would prefer to hide your involvement.

We have no fear of implementing ourselves in the coming war. Monbossa will firmly support you privately and publicly in this war. We are prepared to see this through to the end.

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