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The Polish-French Connection

Razgriz 2K9

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King Ladislas and his aide, Bartłomiej Witold were walking together in the Polish port city of Gdańsk. The city was one of many ports in the Commonwealth and is of strategic importance to Polish economic independence.

"Sire, you want me to send a message to the French?" Witold said. He was a skinny Caucasian male with blond hair, and wore nobles clothing. He was also the King's closest friend and was his best man when the King married.

The King said, "Exactly, Poland needs to establish diplomatic relations with the French, particularly since the events that happened not to long ago between them and Germany."

The King was obviously still paranoid when news of the Battle of Metz came to Poland. Of course, he had every reason too, as the Germans attacked them without warning and may do the same to his Kingdom. To ensure that this doesn't happen, he would need allies.

Witold said, "Your Majesty, don't worry, everything will be fine, I'll help you get your message to the French, for a friend." The King smiled and handed him the message.

He boarded the large commerce ship known as the Księżyc, en route to French port of Nantes.

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After 3 months of sailing through the rough waters of the Baltic and Atlantic, the Księżyc finally reached the French port city of Nantes. Witold disembarked and sought to travel eastward towards Paris to make an audience with the king. Heading towards a stable, he payed the stablekeep with what little gold pieces he has (about 10 gold coins) and bought a horse to take with him to the French capital.

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The raider of course was taken into the Palace after it was found that he had come from Poland to make an audience with the French King. Being lead inside by the Royal Guard, the Polish Ambassador was taken to Phillipe's Throne Room where the French King greeted him with a great smile. "Welcome Friend, welcome to Paris and all the way from Poland as well. I hope you found the ride to be pleasant enough. Please, what news do you bring from the East and why may I ask am I graced with your presence?" Said Phillipe rising from the chair.

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Witold bowed down to King Phillipe of France. He said, "Your Majesty, the King of Poland wanted me to give you this message." He got on one knee and handed the King the letter written by Ladislas.

It read as follows...

Dearest King of France,

As you are aware right now, the German Kingdoms has launched an indescriminate attack on France and has taken Alsace-Lorraine. Now, while no attack has come to our Kingdom, we are under risk that they might indeed do the same. As such, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth seeks an alliance with the Kingdom of France, in an attempt to curb German expansionist plans. As such I wish to seek an audience personally with you if you wish. I will be there at any location you wish.

Thank you and hope to your future success.


Ladislas II

King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania

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