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The New Future

Alpha Wolf

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As the creator of The New Future (TNF) I would just like to take a moment of you time to explain what this alliance will be about when it grows larger. We will look to bring peace to CN and work with other alliances to maintain that peace. To create a brotherhood among our members during times of peace to help during times of war. There are many opportunities to learn and hon ones skills diplomatically as well as a master strategist in times of war. I want members who are willing to give input into how the alliance will function. Freedom of speech will be encouraged on TNF forums but be careful of what you say on the CN forums for speech is costly there. If you want to fight for peace, justice, and honor than TNF is for you!

When it comes time to make a stand you don't have to stand alone!

Edit: To say that there is a link in the sig it's underlined

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