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The German Forces

Kaiser Martens

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Soldiers: 574.771

Tanks: 5.626

Aircraft: 75 Fighter Squadrons , 5 Bomber Squadrons

CMs: 50

Nukes: 25

Navy: 5 Submarines

Tech: 926


Limes Germanicus: Massive fortifications at the HRE border. Contains also extensive AA (SAM sites and FLAK). These were built over a very long time.

Perimetral German Fortifications: The country is surrounded by fortifications, but these are weaker than the Limes Germanicus. Only the Lübeck Border, the HRE+nearby zones (In case of invasion of a neighbor country as a shortcut) and the Belarusian Border are manned properly however, as the rest of the countries are not deemed a threat.

Mannelig Line: Fortifications leading towards Berlin. Much more improvised than the others, they consist of scattered pillboxes of Antitank and Antinfantry kinds, scattered dragonteeth and mine fields. It was assembled in a hurry.

Widukind Line: A similar fortification line leading from the Austrian border over to Lübeck. Resembles WW1.

Festung Berlin: Protective fortifications around Berlin. Built when Berlin was reconstructed. Old.

Festung Asgaard: Protective fortifications around Asgaard (Nordheim) - Built in the Nordheim Era

Festung Martensheim: Protective fortifications around Martensheim. Being worked on - incomplete!

Festung Eisland: A fort-city at the center of Iceland. Built in the Nordheim Era.

Note on AA: Traditionally, the fields have been scattered with SAM and FLAK equipments - partially automatized. The fortifications have new Air Defense though. The rest of the country tends to be equipped with older equipment in a very scattered manner. Not a serious threat or hinderance, instead ment to be an annoyance and a half-useless gesture to try to keep civilian areas from being bombed. Symbollic rather than properly able to stop a full-fledged campaign, yet worth mentioning.


Infantry Equipment:

Infantry is armored in the traditional Einherjar-Class battle suit, covering every area. Once extremely advanced technology however, in spite of its lack of shortcomings, it is not longer considered as modern equipment. The Infantry is given grenade, Panzerfausts and machineguns, however, in an effort to more easily deal with the heavily-armored HRE soldiers, new rifles are being made, packing a much higher punch in order to be able to pierce their armor, since otherwise the older weapons would be useless.

However, this reduces the accuracy of the weapon greatly. (Think AK vs M16)

Artillery Equipment:

The Artillery is for the most part self-propelled. (Panzerhaubitze 2k), however in order to meet the demands of the wars and taking into account that the majority of the Enemy Targets are soft, production is shifting towards Rocket Artillery of less armor and higher mobility. Resembling the old Katyushas, they're expected to hit once and run away before the enemy can hit back.

AA Equipment:

Older Tank Chassis are adapted to load SAM-like missile launchers, but due to the amount of AA needed also trucks are equipped with FLAK and Missile Launchers and distributed across the country and fortifications.

Antitank Equipment:

Due to the lack of a high number of tanks to fight against the enemies, German Antitank Armor is being created. Resembling tanks, with a much lower profile, lack of a turret and a great gun and velocity. They are designed with extremely powerful guns, and do not have much armor due to acknowledging the fact that to the HRE guns, higher or lesser armor is the same: The idea is to either ambush or to be able to hit their tanks before they hit them. They are cheaper and faster to make than tanks. Some versions are equipped with Reinforced Heavy Armor to serve as Assault Guns to give infantry support.


The tanks are made in a similar logic, that unlike in the Nordheim era, Armor is no longer useful against weapons such as ETC. Lower armor, bigger guns and more machineguns and speed are the key here. Like the Antitanks, they're supposed to hit before they are hit. However, these are better suitable for urban combat and for combat against soft targets - something the ATs cannot do.


Towns, Cities and even some Villages are being issued numbers of static AA and AT guns, and some static artillery for their defense. Mostly, those which are expected to be in the way of the invasion.


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