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Inaugural Elections in Republic of Magadanskaya



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One of the first promises to be carried out after independence was the open and free elections for the Republic Parliament. The three main parties had been campaigning hard, although the leaders of the parties had had less exposure as they worked together to bring the new country into the international community. Since the initial direction of the country would be decided with the party values of the winning party, the main celebrity news focused on the candidates for Prime Minister, the "peoples' voice". After the preparation had been finalized, it came down to election night.

Hello and welcome to our coverage of the inaugural elections for our new nation. Campaigning has been under way for at least two months now, and tonight we see if it pays off. Although our domestic viewers will be well acquainted with out voting laws and candidates, we will be providing an over view of the laws as well as each party's stance and the views of each of the candidates for Prime Minister. All six men will be with me in the studio and we have live telecasts allowing questions to be asked from around Magadanskaya and the world.

For the voting laws, every person with suffrage has two vote. One is for President and Political party, to determine the direction of the country, while the other is for Prime Minister, the person who will represent the people within the Parliament. Suffrage is a right extended to all citizens over the age of eighteen and possessing Secondary School Qualifications A (Normally obtained at age fifteen) or equivalent. Criminals that have served more than three months in a labor camp or equivalent sentence do not have the right to vote.

For the political parties, from the inital power groups have grown three rather polarized leaders.


Leon Trotsky, Leader of the Socialist Front.

The Social Front is a energetic socialist party who focus on the equalization of man and growth through community. They advocate the establishment of private property in all aspects, as well as the move towards a controlled economy. They claim that the savings this generates will allow more money to be placed into public interest projects, like upgrades of infrastructure and increased primary sector production. They also advocate for a strong military and high level of state and citizen interconnection. They have released no statements on the foreign agenda, however the sentiment that domestic matters is more important seems to prevail.


Vladimir Putin, leader of the Party for Progress.

The Party for Progress is a party with social ideals, however, it sells itself on the freedoms that citizens will enjoy, with a high state - citizen influence distance. They advocate moving large economically viable companies in several areas to a market monopoly and public ownership through government regulation. Domestically, they would move to improve Magadanskaya through increasing infrastructure as well as bringing laws into effect making citizens referendums legally binding, allowing the people to execute any legislature the Parliament could legally pass, however, a 80% majority in favor would be needed.


Anastas Mikoyan, leader of the Liberal Party.

The Liberal Party is a major proponent of open business ideals, advocating moving to a corporate or even pure capitalistic economy, with high emphasis on improving foreign relationships and hence working towards international trade agreements. Military would be kept at a minimal level, as it is a drain on the people, and with less government spending, taxes could be lowered.

Now we have seen the major political parties, we come to the candidates for Prime Minister.

Ivan Bykov: At 49, he is the oldest candidate, however, polls have shown him to be a leading bet, as he supports increased regulation of government and increased citizen involvement in the legislative process. Apart from appealing as a man of the people, he has also defined that he would increase education and police spending, claiming those are the two areas that could benefit Magadanskaya the most.

Sasha Lobanov: The youngest candidate at 38, he is also the least favored, with no definite positions on many leading issues have lead people to question his suitability for office. He however, does have support from people outside of the main cities, as he is seen as a man of the motherland, and able to apply his renowned logical skills (currently ranked fourteenth in the world at chess) to solve the peoples problems.

Dmitri Mironov: Dmitri has come to the race as one of the leading doctors within Magadanskaya, citing increased medical spending as well as better transport systems areas in which he can help to improve the lives of the citizens that elected him. He has also stated on public television that any domestic agenda under him will be corruption free, or he will resign after placing criminal charges against those responsible.

Now we have had a look at all the men that will shape our country, we will run over their influences quickly for international viewers.

The role of President is given to the of the political party with the most seats in Parliment. Seats are won by having the most votes within an Oblast, with control of an Oblast giving a number of seats equal to the proportion of population living in it. The President has full executive power, however, all decisions have to be approved by parliament no more than thirty days after they are made except in the case of matters of national security where only a group consisting of three members of parliament from each party have to approve the actions. The President also has control of the foreign affairs agenda.

The Prime Minister can be elected from any political party by popular vote, and is designated with domestic affairs.

The Parliament has full legislative power and can pass bills without presidential approval provided a super majority is gained. They can also call a vote of no confidence in the president, possibly leading to an impeachment.

And now, we shall begin our interviews with the candidates, as well as keeping a live record of the tallies of the votes within our capital Magadan.

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The news of the out break of international war in Europe reached the six men on live camera. Trotsky, Putin and Mikoyan closed their heads together for a moment, then left the room. They emerged later, and retook their seats, offering no comment.

However, one of the members of the audience at the television studio stood up and shouted "To the candidates for Prime Minister; thoughts on the declaration of war in Europe?"

Bykov calmly replied, "War is the evil in the hearts of men, and no doubt some injustice has caused and is caused by this new bout." Mironov followed him with, "We are young and idealistic as nations go, but humanity should prevail, and as such, I will use my own money to start the humanitarian effort to the effected region." Lobanov looked confused and did not offer an answer.

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To all candidates for the office of Presidency...

Could you describe in more detail your general opinion on foreign affairs, from nations you neigbore to those outside your continent?"

Leon Trotsky: Our parties foreign out look is highly muted, and we believe that although cordial relationships with our neighbors would be in both parties best interest, we would look to seek alliances with other socialist states. The reason for this limited outlook is that growth and strength comes from the heart, the heartland and the people that live there. Greater domestic growth and our focus on our people remain our top priority.

Vladimir Putin: We would like to have our neighboring countries honor us with embassies, while longer term we seek to open economic pacts with them. For other foreign agendas, we would try to maintain neutrality insofar as possible, with as many details gathered as possible. As seen from tonights actions, wars and strife are abundant in our fragile world, and we hope to avoid this waste of life with the correct path. We are a Party for the people, and for progress, and would never ask them to die for another countries wars.

Anastas Mikoyan: The Liberal party has a large emphasis on foreign integration, and would have three main foreign policy goals once in power. Open our borders to trained workers from other countries, allowing us to easily recruit talent. Push for a greater regional geopolitical community that involves economic benefits such as free trade agreements. Engage in highly productive business on the international free market.

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Ballots from around Magadanskaya are confirming what has been seen in the capital here tonight. That Vladimir Putin and the Party for Progress will be able to form a majority government, while the Social Front has indeed marginalised itself with its highly authoritarian policies.

The people also voting for Dmitri Mironov, where opinion reporters on the streets are getting strong impressions that it was his stance on medical improvements as well as his hardline anti corruption stance that was winning him votes.

However, it is all still for play, as many of the Oblasts are yet to confirm their numbers, and we still wait upon independent international overseers to confirm the counting.

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With the ballots closed and tallied, I am proud to announce to the world, that Vladimir Putin and the Party for Progress have won the inaugural elections in our fair country. Ballots in Magadan left them almost ties with the Liberal party, however, outside of Urban areas, the populace had stronger leanings towards the Party for Progress. The final breakdown by party gives: Party for Progress, 48 seats. Liberal Party, 46 seats. Socialist Front, 6 seats.

With our new president, Vladimir Putin having already been sworn in it is expected that Parliament will convene tomorrow, and that many of the bills that have been proposed with come to discussion. Also tomorrow, we will see Dmitri Mironov give his Oath to the People, before he takes his seat as Prime Minister.

Popular Opinion of these elections has been good, with most people interviewed saying that this was either favorable or highly favorable compared to not forming a state. Others remarked that a government to oversee the countries development was what they had been lacking and that was why growth had stagnated. Finally, a few also remarked that having our own defense force would be a great advantage, given the turbulent nature of the world.

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