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White Ruthenia was a hodgepodge of ethnic groups. Besides the Hanseatic Finns and the Anglo-Saxon Queenslander, the mass majority of the people were either of the Slavic Belarusians or Nordic Germans. It was time to fix some of the unbalances, step by step.

*Decree from the Supreme Leader*

English and German shall be the only official languages to be used in the administration and judicial systems of White Ruthenia.

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The recent census of White Ruthenia came out.

Total Population: 3,275,800

Anglo-Saxons: 170,400 (5.2%)
Hanseatic Finns: 373,400 (11.4%)
Germans: 815,000 (24.4%)
Belarusians: 1,916,800 (58.51%)

The Belarusians were still the majority of the population, but there were enough minorities to take the powers into the hands of the other three ethnic groups. The effect of the recent decree weakened the political power of the Slavs, meaning the Teutons could rule unhindered.

Once the blockage by Belarus was loosened, White Ruthenia will be receiving more Anglo-Saxons and Germans, to empower the current rulers.

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