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The Order of the Sword


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Date: November the 22nd on the day of our Lord

The past 24 hours have been a whirlwind.

I have returned to the original capital of Believland, where my grandfather BEazy I, ruled with an iron fist. Due to an unfortunate revolt, the empire of Believland was shattered into small nations.

A week ago, I had learned that these smaller nations wanted to become unified under Believland again. Many of the rulers wanted to reinstate the monarchy that had ruled the empire for over 1000 years. Hard times often breed nostalgia for the good old days.

After a car ride through the country side, I arrived in the capital of the Believland Empire. The capital was packed with citizens screaming and cheering. After a brief speech I was taken to the royal palace where the family crown was placed on my head. I was the first person to wear that crown in 100 years.

And my work was only just beginning. Not only did the Believland want to revisit the old days, but apparently many rulers in the area did as well. The current climate of instability was not to their tastes. Many wanted OTS, The Order of the Sword to become an active force in the region again. Thus, the search for blood relatives of the various dukes and duchesses that made up the original signatories of The Order began. I was appointed Grand Master; my grandfather was the last to wear this title.

So I'm here in my Grand Father’s palace. Though I've never been here before, it is now my home.

I stare out the window of the Corvette at the country side, at times, forest as far as the eye can see, at others, cities that show the life in sound of the . As we get closer to the coast there are even farms. It's a strange place to me, and it's going to take some getting used to.

On the horizon, I see a complex.

"Grand Master ahead is your new home."

As we pull closer, the walls appear to be in ill repair, the gate hanging. It appears deserted.

"Nice decorator, early bombed out palace was always my favorite." I'm beginning to really wonder what I'm doing here.

The Driver smiles, "Not all is as it appears, Grand Master." The car stops at the gate. The driver exits the vehicle and approaches the gate and appears to pull one of the stones on the gate post open. There is a high pitched beep and the next thing I know, I'm rubbing my eyes.

The walls are perfect, the gate intact. The driver returns to the Corvette and takes his customary seat next to me.

The gate opens, and there are armed guards on either side. They salute as the Corvette pass into the main part of the compound.

'What kind of technology is that?' I ask the driver.

"The best in the region, by The Sword." He smiles.

The Corvette come to a stop and guards open the doors.

"This way Grand Master. One last thing before the ceremony."

I enter the mansion, and immediately staff is present.

"This way Grand Master."

I enter a library, a guard fallows me

"It's about time you got here BE"

"Lew? What the hell are you doing here?"

Lewenhaupt laughs, “Hahaha I see the Sword has brought you along too”

I laugh, and walk into the middle of the room

The library is a large one; I see 6 chairs around a large table. There is one seat open.

I look at Lewenhaupt, “Who all is here?” As I ask Lew, all the chairs spin around to reveal:

Dreadthepackers, the CEO of ‘Relapse’ a company based on advancing in technology.

Skingrad, the CEO of ‘Sword’ a company based on military weaponry and tactics

Dwthegreat, the Emperor of dwsnation. He has been greatly acknowledged for his foreign work across the region

Akkarin, the leader of Corcaigh Republic, well known for his cool head and great legal work

“So the gang is all here, eh?” I ask

“We’ve just been waiting on you BE” Lew responds

With that, I sit down at the head of the table. I see an old document in the center of the table


Grand Constitutional Charter of the Sovereign Military Order of the Sword

Victory through Strength, Strength through Unity, Unity through Blood


* Preamble and Purpose

* Details of Membership

* Policies

* Government

* Finale & Signatures

Preamble & Purpose

We, the nations of the ORDER OF THE SWORD (OTS), in order to further the interests of brotherhood, cooperation, and strength, do join and establish this Charter for the ORDER OF THE SWORD.

It is the purpose of the Order to promote chivalric virtues and the Christian faith through its members, teaching them to serve the Order and their Brothers, to come to the assistance of one’s allies, in accordance with the ancient traditions of Chivalry.

True to the honorable precepts of Chivalry, and guided by the teachings of our masters, the Order affirms and propagates the virtues of charity and brotherhood. The Order carries out its duty to support its members, and never refuse those in need of help, members and applicants without distinction of religion, race, origin and age.

Details of Membership

1) Rules of Admission

A All applicants must set their Alliance Affiliation to “Applicant of the Sword” before being admitted.

B Applicants will be questioned by members of the Order

C Applicants will conduct an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Interview while applying

D Applicants at war with aligned nations will not be allowed to join until these wars have ended.

E Applicants will be voted on by the Sword Council. To be accepted into the Order, you must have a 60% approval rate by the Council.

F Every applicant must swear loyalty to the Order of the Sword, and promise to follow the rules and regulations as stated in this Charter and other official documents, by taking the following oath.


I, [name], do solemnly swear true faith and allegiance to the Order of the Sword, and that I will be Loyal and Obedient to the Grandmaster, his successors by law, and his Appointed Officials, in virtue of the honorable Brotherhood of nations forming the Order, fighting at all times to protect the integrity of the Order, the Code of Chivalry, and to enforce security on our membership and friendship to the group of nations forming the Order of the Sword.

2) Duties and Obligations

A All members are required to visit our forums at least once every 3 days.

B Every Member is responsible for the defense of the Order and its members. They are ready and willing to defend fellow OTS members whenever it is required.

C All members need to be aware of these security protocols and abide by them at all times.

3) Impeachment

Expulsion of members from the Order must be investigated by the Magistrate. He is in charge of the Order's Court and decides if there is enough evidence to proceed with the expulsion. A poll will be posted in which all members can vote. A percentage of at least 70 are needed to expel a member.

A percentage of at least 90 are needed in case the Council voted unanimously against the expulsion.

Members that would be expelled for Security reasons may be removed with the affirmation of the Grandmaster and the Marshal.

4) Resignation

A The Nation must repay all debts, before being allowed to leave.

B The alliance requires a 3 day notice in advance before leaving the order.

C No Nation can leave Order of The Sword during official wars. Doing so will result in ZI.

D No Nation can leave Order of The Sword during investigations against this member. Doing so will result in ZI.

E If the resigning member holds a government or military position, the alliance requires 7 day notice before leaving your posted job.

Policies of the Order Regarding; Foreign Affairs, War

5) On Alliance Security

The Order of the Sword enforces a Closed Door policy.

The Order's matters remain inside the Order; No member is allowed to discuss official internal matters with people from outside the Order. Breaking this rule will be punishable by ZI’d.

6) On Foreign Affairs

A The Order, though subject to international rules, laws, treaties and blocs, exercises sovereign functions solely to the purpose of benefit to the Order, and will never agree on treaties and offers that result in limitations or removal of this sovereignty.

B In the conduct of relations with our allies and blocs, the acquired rights, customs and privileges granted to the Order by the Leadership of its allies, are in force unless expressly abrogated.

C The Order will have diplomatic representation to allied and friendly alliances, according to the norms and customs of Cybernations's common practice.

D The zealous military nature of the Order does not prejudice the exercise of sovereign prerogatives pertaining to the Order in so far as it is recognized by States as a subject of international law.

7) On War

A All Members are Obliged to follow policies regarding Tech Raiding, and to follow orders accordingly.

B No member of the Order shall attack other Member of the Order without direct & specific orders from the Grandmaster, be it delivered by himself or his by his officers.

C No Member of the Order shall attack a Member of another Alliance without direct orders from the Grandmaster, be it delivered by himself or by his officers.

D Every Member of the Order must be defended by the alliance in case of war or raid, and every member of the alliance must

E Only Senior officers, the Marshal and Grandmaster are allowed to contact aggressors in times of war.

F It is forbidden to use Nuclear Weapons in official wars against aligned nations, without direct orders from the Grandmaster.

G If the Order enters in a state of war with another alliance, ALL MEMBERS are required to answer, and prepare for battle. Exceptions granted to those who have built up money reserves.

H In case the Order is going to war. A period of 3 days at the least will be given to allow all nations to prepare & organize & be notified of war. This does not include an attack from an outside alliance

Government of the Order of the Sword

8) The Office of Grandmaster: Specifications, Duties, Powers

A The office of Grandmaster will be held permanently by BEazy until his resignation. After his resignation, the members of the Sword Council will elect a new Grandmaster from among their own.

B The Grandmaster, assisted by the High Council, sees to the exercise of his supreme authority, to the conferral of duties and offices, and to the general government of the Order.

C It pertains to the Grandmaster:

1. to issue legislative measures, with the deliberative vote of the High Council, concerning matters regulated neither by the Constitution nor by the Code;

2. to promulgate by decree acts of government;

3. to admit, with the deliberative vote of the High Council given in secret, members to the higher classes and Government of the Order;

4. to administer, with the assistance of the High Council and Finance Department, the assets of the Treasure and to supervise the forums;

5. to execute the orders of its protectors and allies, insofar as these relate to the Order, and to inform the protectors of the state and the needs of the Order;

6. to ratify international agreements, with the deliberative vote of the High Council.

E The Grand Master is assisted by and presides over the heads and ministers of the Government Departments and the military command and officers.

9) The Sword Council

A The Sword Council consists of all members of the Order has an automatic seat to this council.

B In the following situation the Sword Council is entitled to vote;

1. In the event of a merge, a 75%+1 vote in favor of this merge is required.

2. In the event of an amendment, 60% vote in favor of this amendment is required.

C The members of the Sword Council entitled to vote in the election of a representative, must act personally and may not appoint any representatives, or delegates or proxies or vote by letter.

10) The High Council

A The High Council is a consultative body for discussing the political, legislative and international policies of the Order or other general aspects regarding the functioning of the Order. Together with the Grandmaster, this Council must provide practical ideas and structures for the alliance, create new legislature to ensure effectiveness, and vote on these.

B The following offices have a seat in the Sovereign Council:

• Marshal – Head of Military Affairs

• Grand Commander – Head of Interior Affairs

• Grand Chancellor – Head of Foreign Affairs

• Grand Chairman – Primary Elected Representative

• Grand Crusaders – Honorary Members

• Magistrate – Judicial Councilor

C All members of the High Council must be in the Knights Class, except the Grand Chairman & Grand Crusaders.

D The Grandmaster does not vote on matters for which the High Council has a deliberative vote or must give its advice. In the case of a tie vote among the Councilors, the decision of the Grandmaster prevails. If the Grandmaster does not express an opinion, the matter is suspended.

E The High Council has the power to dismiss the Grandmaster in case his actions are contradictory to the Constitution and Code of Chivalry. Unanimous consent is required.

F Five out of Seven Councilors must vote against a proposal of the Grandmaster in order to block it.

11) High Offices of the Order: Specifications, Duties, Powers

A The Regent

* The Grandmaster will be permanently assisted by the Regent, who will assume temporary control of the Order in the Grandmaster’s absence.

* In the case of absence due to incapacity, resignation or death of the Grandmaster, the Order is governed by a regent in the person of the Grand Commander who can carry out acts of ordinary administration until the Grandmaster returns.

* The permanent incapacity of the Grandmaster is declared by the High Council with 5 out of 7 Councilors supporting the petition. The petition is presented by a member of the High Council delegated for this purpose to the Sword Council. Within 24 hours, the Regent assumes the office of Lieutenant ad interim.

* In the prospect and case of the absence of the Grandmaster for a period of more than one week, the Regent assumes the ordinary administration of the Order and immediately convenes the High Council for confirmation.

* The Regent will also serve as the head diplomats of the Order. He may engage in diplomacy at any time, and discuss with Foreign Officials without interference from the Grand Chancellor.

B The Marshal

• Appointed by the Grandmaster to lead the army in his name and authorized to appoint or dismiss officers within the army, with the sacred responsibility to lead them.

• He is in charge of the military organization, and must therefore update these regularly whenever the alliance size requires this.

• The Marshal is responsible for directing all official Military Operations

• The Marshal is responsible for updating and improving the military structure according to existing guidelines approved by the Grand Master.

• The Marshal is responsible for increasing the military effectiveness & flawlessness

• He must also work to increase Activity, and if necessary, remove inactive members by force.

• The Marshal is responsible for all spy related affairs.

C the Grand Commander

•Appointed by the Grandmaster to lead the Interior Departments in his name

• In charge of carrying out Order policy in all Interior Departments, responsible for the internal Administration & Coordination of the Order and the coordination of the activities of the Departments of the Order under his jurisdiction. He is also responsible for drawing up new methods and structures to improve the effectiveness of the his Departments. These methods and structures must be approved by the High Council.

• He appoints and directs all officers working under him, and is authorized to remove them. All new appointments to offices must be approved by the Grandmaster.

D The Grand Chancellor

• Appointed by the Grandmaster to lead the department of foreign affairs, and to engage in diplomatic negotiations with other alliances.

• Complete disclosure to the Grand Master about negotiations with other officials is required.

E The Grand Chairman

• Elected once every 2 months by the Sword Council by Popular vote.

•Main representative of the members to the High Council.

•He must serve as spokesman for the Members of the Order

F Grand Crusaders

• Honorary Office given to loyal, trustworthy, active, devoted members of the order.

• The Office will continue to grow, as more members step up and are appointed to this, honorary group.

* The Grand Crusaders will help out with the military and any other office that needs help.

G Magistrate

• Appointed by the Grandmaster to lead the Magisterial Court.

• The Magistrate has the authority to appoint Law Officers who must be law experts, particularly in Order Law, CN politics and international law.

• All accusations and motions of expulsion, proposed by members of the Order, will be investigated by the Magistrate, and he has the power to rule on this matter.

12) Departments of the Order

A Departments are created and removed at the Grandmaster’s orders.

B Duties, Protocols and Regulations for every department will be created by and promulgated by High Council.

13) Magisterial Court

A This is an expert body that may advise the Grandmaster, subject to consultation with the High Council, on relevant legal issues. This body is headed by the Magistrate.

B Pursuant to the Order's Charter and Code, the Magisterial Court exercises the jurisdictional function of court of first resort and of appeal. Trial procedures are subject to rules and guidelines approved by the High Council.

C In certain cases, this body also provides legal assistance pursuant to the Code. The Departments, Officials and members of the Order should seek the advice and the assistance of Magisterial Court whenever necessary and especially in cases which involve complex legal issue.

D Upon written request from members or Alliances, the Magisterial Court may start a trial against a member of the Order as soon as enough ground for a case has been assembled. It is up to the Grandmaster to determine if this is the case.

14) Ministers of the Order

Ministers can be appointed by the Grandmaster to assist him or a High Official, in leading a department or sub-section of a department. He will be responsible for all tasks given to him by his superior.

15) Supporting Offices of Importance

A The Herald is an officer who is responsible for posting official Order of the Sword Government Announcements on the Order's, Cybernations’s and other forums. He is must be a knight. His permission to post on the Orders forums limits itself to internal, diplomatic, and governmental themes. He is not allowed to post military announcements such as declarations of war etc.

B The Order Graphical Artists are officers who create artwork for the alliance and its member at a reasonable price. The Order's Government uses him to create official banners, user bars, and rank images. Artists from outside the Order may receive this Title as honorary office.

C The Order Chronicler is an officer who is responsible for keeping the Cybernations’s Wiki page of the Order of the Sword updated, and who keeps records of all events in which the Order is involved. This will be done to create a chronicle, a history tale, about the Order’s existence.

16) Officers of the Order

Officers may be appointed by the Ministers, High Officers or the Grandmaster at all times. They will be assigned to specific duties preferably within a department, formulated in official orders posted by the Head of the Department in the appropriate Forums.

16) Members of the Order

Lay Brother

All new members of the Order are masked as Lay Brother once their application has been accepted.

They will receive a welcoming message explaining them what to do next to ensure promotion.

Recruits who did not promote to Knights with their class will be removed from the Order. Unless the recruit has spoken to the Grand Master or the Grand Commander


Recruits who pass the class automatically become Knight (full member).Knights are eligible for all of the offices and entitlements that the Order grants.

Amendments, Oath & Signatures

17) Amendments

A All members of the High Council and Sword Council may propose amendments to this constitutional charter.

B The Grandmaster & Grand Chairman both has the power to veto an amendment.

18) Oath & Signatures

“By this most sacred Oath, and my vows of Chivalry, I, Knight of the Order of the Sword, by God’s Grace, do solemnly promise and swear to uphold and observe the Charter, the Code, the Conduct and the laudable Customs of our Order and to administer the affairs of the Order conscientiously. So help me God.”

“So it begins” I ask

They all nod

The government is as listed


The Marshall- SkinGrad

Commander- gonefishin

Grand Chancellor- dwthegreat

Magistrate- Akkarin

You can reach us at #ots and Our forums here?

Edited by Believland
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Welcome back. o/ ots.png

If it's the case that OTS has no current protector, then interested parties should take into consideration that the Cult would frown deeply upon attacks on the Order.

BEazy has a lot of friends, so I think that raiding his alliance would be pretty stupid.

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