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Islamic Fezzan and Cyrenaica Factbook


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Islamic Fezzan and Cyrenaica

الإسلامية فزان وبرقة




Total Population: (1066 Consensus) Approx. 2,332,206

Capitol: بنغازي (Benghazi)

Largest City: بنغازي (Benghazi)

Major Trading Hubs & Cities: بنغازي (Benghazi), راس لانوف (Ra's Lanuf)‎, العقيلة‎ (Al 'Uqaylah), سرت (Sirt)

Ethnic Dispersion: (1066 Consensus) Approx. 75% Arab, 24% Tebou, 1% Berber

Religious Dispersion: (1066 Consensus) Approx. 99% Islam, 1% Pagan

Currency: Dinar (LYD), Gold, Silver, Spices


Army Personnel Size: Approx. 79,500 foot soldiers, 25,000 cavalrymen

Personnel Composition:

-Gunpowder Units: 43,500

-Heavy Infantry: 25,000

-Light Infantry (Skirmishers): 10,000

-الله المختار (Allah's Chosen) (Heavy Elite): 1,000

Cavalry Composition:

-Light Cavalry: 10,000

-Heavy Cavalry: 8,000

-Carabiniers: 7,000

Siege Weapons:

-85 units


-66 vessels

Major Leaders and Generals:

* الملك المحمودي (King al-Mahmudi): King

* الكبرى العام عقبة بن نافع (Grand General Uqba ibn Nafi): Supreme Military Commander

* عموما عمر وعنيف (General Umar the Fierce): Military Adviser, Tactician, Religious Adviser, Head of Islamic Council

* عموما علي غازي الهائلة (General Ali Gazi the Tremendous): Military Adviser, Strategist, Economic Adviser

Government Structure

The King has supreme control over law throughout the entire country. His word is assumed to be that in support of Allah and the Qu'ran and all administration must abide by Muslim law. The Islamic Council consists of a thousand and one members, which includes Allah's Chosen and the King's Religious Adviser. Allah's Chosen are an elite corps of a thousand warriors who are hand picked by the King himself. Entry into Allah's Chosen only arises when a member is killed in combat or dies of natural causes. Any new member is tested vigorously not only in combat but also in terms of intelligence. The Islamic Council is charged with the task of enforcing the King's laws and reinforcing Islamic sanctity throughout the land. The heir to the throne is the eldest male relative, whether it be a brother, cousin, uncle, or son.

War Policy

The Islamic Fezzan and Cyrenaica will declare war on any nation that infringes upon the Word of Allah and the Qu'ran, and any European expansionism into Allah's land will not be tolerated in the least bit. Allah's Word is final, and judgment will be called upon all those who attempt to destroy the Muslim way of life.

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