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Porton Down

Zoot Zoot

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OOC- tis my facility and the outbreak isnt leaving the facility.

so dont worry about zombies etc.

Porton Down was a Deep under-mountain Facility for Malvinian scientists and military officials to... experiment on humans, animals etc, with deadly chemicals, strains of deadly virus's, and of of course, to test new virus's on them.

Even the government didnt ask what went on in porton down.

Officials in Porton Down could have any government official including the King and the Prime minister executed on a whim if they needed to be disposed of. As it were, thats enver happened yet.

Deep on the lowest levels of the "Hive" Dr Mike Hunt was aiding another scientist, Dr K.Y Jelly.

Mike never quite got the nerve to ask what "K.Y" stood for in his collegues name, niether did anyone else, but by god he was a genius.

Mike Knew what this man had created.

Deep in this lab both men were handling a deadly combination of a drug whch removes seratonin production and a weaponised variation of mad cow disease known as "Solanum". It isnt widley known and is often confused with the plant. This variation however is far more sinister as past results have shown. In the test subect X (Male) was infected with Solanum and after roughly 24 hours died. Serveral Hours later he seemed to reanimate and proceeded to attack and kill subject Y (male), who then also reanimated.

The two test subjects where subsiquently tested further by a series of execution methods.

Electricution did not work.

All known nerve and chemical agents, also did not work.

after many failed attempts to.. dispose of them, the Security went in and executed them both with numerous gunshots.

Initial Gunshots did not work for a reason we have yet to specifiy, but shots to the head took them down.

Blood extracts were taken from both subjects and mixed to created the XY Virus.

The XY virus was injected into a small child in a village on the outskirts of Porton Down.

Cordoned off by the Military the Village was watched.

With a population of roughly 100 men women and children it took roughly 9 hours for the virus to take hold.

CCTV footage shows the infected child stagger into his home before leaving his household 52 minutes later behaving erraticly and vomitting blood.

Villagers approached him and were attacked by bites and scratches. After being bittena nd scratched it took roughly 3 minutes for infection to take hold and the newly infected XY virus test subjects ran wild and went on to destroy the village and kill/infect those within.

The Military moved in shortly afterwards and cleaned up with no losses. No test subjects escaped into the wilderness.

Mike lifted with great care the small vial of XY virus and turned slowly to Dr Jelly.

"Dr, here is the vial please put it into the secure holding container and place the container in the safe" said Mike with great emphasis on his words.

Taking the Vial from Mike, Dr Jelly turned to quickly and the Vial slipped out from the pliars grasp and dropped to the floor.

With catlike reflexes Mike caught the vial in his hand inches from the floor but in his excitment crushed the glass, contaminating the room.

"Oh !@#$, the glass has cut my gloves, oh !@#$ im gonna die IM GONNA DIE" wailed Mike as he started to panic, he could feel the virus coursing through his veins.

Dr Jelly backed off to the door, and began banging on it furiously to escape as the virus took hold of his friend.

"LET ME OUT GET ME OUT NOW OPEN THE !@#$@#$ DOOR NOW!!!!" he screamed, banging wildly against the door in pure hysteric panic.

He turned and saw Mike across the room infont of the air vents that move the air around the research labs on the lower levels. Jelly knew they didnt go anywhere else bar the hives network and didnt go to the outside world, other porton down departments or the civilian population way above. he knew they were safe.

Mike began smashing the vials wildly breaking everything he saw until his attention turned to Dr Jelly.

Screaming madly, his vomited blood filling his helmet like a red ooze, he charged the doors and headbutted the Doctors face, smashing his visor and his own. spraying the infected blood all over the room.

in the seconds before he was brutally killed Dr Jelly pressed the Lockdown Alarms for the Entire R+D department of Porton down. All Military Units and SAS units were on high alert and already gearing up around the now closed and locked blastdoor into the Hive.

Elsewhere in the facility.

On CCTV recordings from the security office in the military block of Porton Down, it showed the spread of the virus via its internal department ventellation. being initially airborne it can survive for up to 15 minutes before dying until it finds a host.

One by one the cameras showed the havoc and massacres being wreaked deep below them.

of the 1300 workers downstairs more than 75% were now infected.

Survivors like the Soldiers already trapped in there were busy barricading areas off and making small safe zones within. Killing any Human with blood on their person on sight.

Wolf looked around at his squad of SAS men, Rookie, Eyeball, and Hatter.

"Time to go to work lads. suit up"

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Wolf, Rookie, Eyeball and Hatter all lined up outside the Hives entrance checking their gear.

Wolf was an SAS veteran of over 12 years, armed with a P90 submachine gun he bought from the blackmarket and his standard SA80a2 assault rifle. His browning 9mm in a holster around his knee, several frag grenades strapped to his assault vest and of course, his old trusty combat knife. No one in the team knows much about wolf, Rookie has worked with him for 8 years and eyeball since his passing of selection.

Rookie was the resident Sniper of the team but he swapped his L96 "long" sniper rifle for an SA80a2, and an M1014 shotgun. Of course he wasnt pleased about his weapons change but this was an up close and personal mission. A Seek and Destroy assaignment. Having been in the SAS for 9 years he was second senior in the team after Wolf.

Eyeball was the resident techno kid. At only 26 years of age and having only just passed selection earlier that year he was the company baby.

However you wouldnt ever mess with this kid, his skills as a marksman with any weapon are well known in the regiment. Normally armed with an SA80a2 and a browning 9mm, he was armed with a "minimi" squad support weapon or "M249 light machine gun" by its official title.

Finally there was the Hatter.

He was a replacment just in from another company. His codename was the hatter because he wasnt all there in the head, his was moved from his old company because of his blood lust. His "stalking" skills arnt matched though, as a child he travelled the world and spent alot of time in the africaans learning way of the warriors. Hunting expert this man was.

He loved the thrill of the hunt and for each man he killed he got his tally updated with the company tattooist on his back.

current tally: 76.

As these four men checked and rechecked their weapons, ammo and radios before going into hell itself wolf asked to see the CCTV footage from inside the hive.

As far as he could tell it was clear down to lvl 3, levels 4 to 6 had marginal threats. 7-10 had many hostiles, however in level 9, section 12, a group of 9 Survivors were holding off the horde by barricading the Armoury. Wolf had to hope they were dead when his team arrived or he would have to kill them.

No survivors can escape.

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The engineers opened the blastdoors enough for the four men to get through with ease and then resealed them for safety. As the four soldiers entered the control room in Porton Down, re established power to the Hive, placing all security barriers back online and locking all doors.

Luckily for the SAS team each had a keycard that allowed them to move freely when swiped in a lock.

Wolf lead the team down to lvl 3 as silently as possible, and as they approached the vault doors into level 4 he ordered them all to check their weapons and gave them a small pre battle talk.

"Shoot them in the head. when they go down, after the contact shoot them in the head again to be sure. Dont let them get too close, dont waste your ammo. shoot only what you can hit. Lets roll."

Swiping his card down the lock the door clicked and opened slightly in a deathly breeze. The sounds of moans could be heard inside, shuffling noises and erratic splatterings of liquid. The lights were off in this level so he entered the room and spread out into the small space behind the door followed by the other three squaddies who also got into formation behind cover.

On his radio wolf asked the CR to re establish emergency red lights all levels below level 3. They did so.

In the dim red light he saw several shambling men and women meandering the hallways outside the upper living quarters. Wolf signalled to Rookie and Eyeball to take aimat the two closest beings, Hatter was to take point and cover rookie and eyeball. Wolf himself was going to get their attention.

Three brief flashes of orange flame and 3 sharp bangs in the confined space of the corridor seemed to deafen wolf momentarily as he brought down three of these creatures with head shots. The other Four turned sharply and hissed and growled at the intruders and began running at the soldiers full speed, vommiting blood as they went.

Eyeball took aim and with a quick burst of the Minimi took two heads clean off. Hatter, pulling out his custom M4 assault rifle complete with red dot sight, forgrip, drum magazines, laser sight, torch and silencer dropped the remaining two charging Zombies with two swift squeeses of his trigger finger.

"And that lads, is how you kill zombies" said hatter quietly, his soft hat, really meant for woodland warfare hung low over his eyes giving him a sinister feel.

"Come on boys we gotta get to the staircase and get down to level 10, the rest of the regiment is going to be following us down in four man teams to clean up what we miss lets go". said wolf, breaking the awkward silence between the men and promptly started off towards the staircase doors. Hatter eyeball and Rookie soon followed suit after him.

All four men began hearing the moaning grow louder incessantly the lower they got, passing levels five, six and seven completly they went right to level 8. On getting to level eight they had to cross the labs to the other staircase which goes right down to levels nine and ten.

Hatter lost his footing on the stairs, his assault rifle clanging ominously off the metal handrail.

Everything went silent, below and above.

"you !@#$@#$ idiot" whispered rookie as he began reloading his shotgun.

Wolf pulled out his P90 and Eyeball got the minimi ready.

Hatter simply stood there, his rifle pointed directly at the door into level eight.

Howling and screaming and banging on the vault doors began, 3 inch steel they might have been and nothing could break them down bar explosives they knew they were safe. But level sevens door were not 3 inch steel.

A mighty crash sounded above them and the sounds of death and thundering footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs.

All four men Prepared themselves for the onslaught.

Several Zombies ran around the corner, one flight above the team, directly into their line of sight.

"OPEN FIRE HEADSHOTS ONLY!" yelled Wolf to his team as he began squeesing off rounds at the oncoming Zombies.

Their Blood and filth smearing the walls, brain matter on every surface as bullets ripped their skulls apart.

Ten Zombies down and still they came.

"Alpha team you have 50 hostiles incoming from Level Seven, CCTV Confirmation. We have eyes of you on the stairs over" came the control rooms voice in his earpiece.

"50 MORE OF THEM TO KILL BOYS LET THEM AV IT!" wolf screamed to his left as the rest of the team plouged on, massacring the undead.


"Rookie, Eyeball Three steps forward, Hatter you move 6 steps forward on my mark, take the fight to the enemy, go go go!" said wolf quickly

Rookie and Eyeball moved forward three paces, taking them onto the stairs and they began opening fire, once they needed to reload Hatter and Wolf went 6 steps forward and began an agressive advancing tactic on the enemy.

Soon the team was outside the doors of Level Seven and just finishing off the horde.

"That was close boys good work" exclaimed wolf as he kicked a corpse into the stairwell.

Eyeball followed the corpse with morbid curiosity as he watched it fall down into the darkness and land on the other bodies with a sickening thud.

"Sir i dont like this mission at all, if level eight is worse than this we cant hold them off" said Rookie, eveidently shaking since this was his first experience of combat since Goose green.

Hatter turned to Rookie and had him by his throat agianst the wall in the blink of an eye.

"Look kid, your SAS you do as your told, no whining to your Sergeant or to your squaddies. your a nobody, a Spook, nobody is going to miss you if your killed. So how bout you stop thinking about dying and start thinking of killing those sons of !@#$%*es downstairs hmm? good lad".

Hatter had said this right in the kids face in a voice barley louder than a whisper ad it scared Rookie.

"Ok guys cool it off, lets get downstairs and tackle level eight shall we? Hatter you take point" said Wolf coldly.

"yes sir"

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The door to level eight was quiet. too quiet.

CCTV footage was being watched in the control room and its contents being releyed down to Alpha Team via radios.

Apparently Level Eight was deserted, nothing. No zombies or survivors. the had vanished.

Wolf and his men crept into Level eights labs, this is where it all happened he thought. all this death from inside that lab. He pointed the lab in question out to his men. The former doctor Mike Hunt was banging furiously agianst the reinforced glass windows to no avail.

Hatter walked to the glass and stared in at the infected man inside. Mike stopped banging and returned to stare at Hatter in a cool gaze.

"They kinda creepy sir, I mean look at him. He wants me, but he cant have me. so hes doing the thousand yard stare to scare me. Its a basic predator thing, sorta like a preying mantis sir" said Hatter warely to the men.

Wolf looked around at the zombie encased in glass and tried to shout a warning to Hatter but it was too late, raising his assault rifle to meet the threat Wolf suddenly stopped and watched with a sick curiosity.

Hatter knew already he was about to die and so he span round, faster than Humanly possible and fired his M4 fifteen times. Once for every zombie about to kill him, one shot to the head.

The horde about to tear Hatter apart fell to the ground, dead.

Wolf, Rookie and Eyeball stared in mute shock at what just happened.

"what the hell are you hatter?" said Rookie in abject horror and facination.

"I was... altered as a child here, this facility. I have been geneticly altered so that i am faster, stronger and more agile than a normal human. My reflexes and my general awareness is also at its peak." said Hatter in a rather matter of factly voice.

As soon as he finished talking all three other squad members guns went up and aimed at him ready to kill him.

"Dont be coy Wolf, i could kill you all right now but i aint gonna do, simply because i am not one of these.. beasts"he said gesturing the Zombie in the lab behind him.

"I am not... one of these beasts, i am simply a geneticly altered soldier, Umbrella are the company funding Porton down alongisde the

government. In the meantime i suggest we get moving down to level nine section 12 and deal with those survivors, we need more ammo anyway. the Amrour will be fully stocked" he carried on.

The team agreed on this sentiment and decided to move on, encountering small groups of zombies as they went, dispatching them as they moved.

On approaching Level nine section 12 they heard voices, human ones, talking.

Moving round the corner they discovered the Armoury was well equipted and its survivors more than happy to help the Soldiers.

Wolf turned to the chief security guard.

"hey look mate, we need ammo and truth be told mate you lot arnt using very much of it, either put all ammo into some bags with us to carry and you can come with us whilst we destroy these things, or you can sit here and wait to be overwhelmed, your choice"

Chief of Security John Guiness responded reluectantly "Fine wolf, have it your way we are coming with you"

The Four man SAS team now grew to 12 members, and they moved down to level ten.

The blast doors creaked open and they were met with a wash of bodies, not zombies.

Half devoured, bleeding, christ its a blood bath down here thought wolf.

He heard it, quiet at first growing louder, moaning, and then shuffling anf then the snarls and groans of the undead.

Peering to his left he saw them, Hundreds if not thousands of them filling the entire cavern. These were different, these couldnt run, they sorta walked at you really fast or shuffled.

Wolf and the other 11 soldiers and security guards began setting up traps around the entrance without being noticed by the zombies.

Hatter simply strolled past the traps right into the cave and began taking aim and shooting the zombies with his silenced rifle.

his kill tally, now at around 229 was slowly increasing. The zombies all turned in unison and made a beeline for the survivors.

"John hold them here, me , rookie, eyeball and hatter are going to find a way to bring down this cavern." said wolf to chief as the fight intensified around them.

"Roger than mate, good luck" was the response.

Little did the other survivors know, Eyeball had been rigging C4 around level ten, the detonations would bring the entire level down in on itself including the cave. Any undead survivors would starve to death in a matter of months so it was then simply a case of extraction and then making sure the Hive blastdoors stayed shut for a few years.

"come on lads lets get out of here, Hatter take point, kill anything ahead of us, rookie your our rrearguard make sure we arnt followed, kill anyone that does." said Wolf swiftly before returning to his earpiece.

"Sierra Golf charlie 1 this is alpha team, we are extracting to the Hives blast doors over, Level 10 has been sealed off by blast door and is rigged to detonate."

"Roger that wolf, good luck"

Wolf shouted to hatter to stop.

Turning around he saw the entire team assembled a few feet behind him.

"what is it sir?"

"detonate the charges"

"yes sir"

and with a quick shift of his finger he obliterated level 10.

The four men of slpha team felt to remourse or regret for killing the survivors, for killing the thousands of zombies in the cave. They did their duty and as they approached the Open Hive door.

Wait what? Open hive door, that should be closed until they are outside of it and radioed in

"Control room come in, control room come in, this is wolf over, confirmed Hive doors are closed?"

"alpha team this is control yes doors are closed, why?"

"they are open and the guards are dead"

"thats not good alpha team, get out of the hive, and seal the doors. entire porton down facility has been sealed off and the military untis inside are now spreading out to destroy any and all security breaches"

"roger than control, out"

OOC, this is where i need people to step up and join in on the RP, Pm me for a summery of whats gonna happen if your interested.

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The Four men peered Cautiously into the bright white lights of the upper facility, dotted along the hallway, bodies... dead or writhing from wounds on the floor. Blood in great pools, gleaming against the harsh whiteness of the floor.

The crackle of gunfire from across an office to their left drew the soldiers attention and they crept into the upper levels as quietly as possible. Hatter make a point of turning around and re sealing the blast door behind him.

As the squad made its way across the office, picking its way past dead workers and soldiers, and dispatching the wounded with shots to the head, the gunfire grew more intense and suddenly the air was filled with the shouts of other Soldiers, Bravo team.

"Bravo team this is Alpha team come in, over"

"Alpha team thi is Bravo, whats your position? over" came the reply on the radios.

"Office room A-7, awaiting confirmation of your location so we can moeve to your location. over"

"Come on in, go through the door into the hospital wards across the room, directly oposite the door that goes to the Blastdoor hallways down to bioweapons"

Wolf lead his men up to the door with great care and opened it slightly, all clear.

Spreading out into the corridor a great moaning came from over the left of Rookies shoulder and he began to scream as an undead tore a chunk of his neck out at the back.

Collapsing in a heap dragging the undead down with him he bled out to much to survive, Hatter stepped in and dispatched them both.

"Holy !@#$, did you see that? where the $%&@ did he come from?" said Eyeball, watching his dead friend for signs of undead life.

"Medical store room door wasnt closed properly, i think that man was an orderly treating an infected soldier" said Hatter unemotionally as he stepped over his compatriots body and began to move towards the location of Bravo team.

"Come on you apes, you wanna end up like him? get a move on" said Wolf as he also moved pasted Eyeball and what was left of Rookie.

"Cya around big guy" said Eyeball to his friend, and he took his dog tags and quickly caught up with the rest of his team.

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Surprisingly enough, Bravo Team had found little action. Not much to occupy them here--no one else was in this part of the facility right now, which probably explained the lack of hostiles. But with Alpha team fighting their way through to this position, that was bound to change soon.

The team leader, callsign 'Scope,' didn't need to tell his men to check their weapons. They were well-trained for bad situations, though admittedly this was a little more than your standard FUBAR. Despite the grim situation, he chuckled a bit at that thought. Standard FUBAR...

He himself checked the knives attatched to his legs and arms, made sure his gun was loaded and the safety off, and that his belt of grenades were still there. In addition, a small pack with an assortment of...non-regulation equipment was on his back. But his superiors had long ago decided to leave well enough alone where he was concerned.

Even doing that, he heard the faint sound of runninf footsteps, and his ears perked up a full two seconds before anyone else did. He moved down the hallway to check it out, indicating 'Shadow' should do his thing and cover the commander's back. Probably Alpha team, but he couldn't be sure--

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Wolf, Eyeball and Hatter had been performing a tactical retreat all the way to Bravos position.

Hatters tally now well into the 500's.

Wolf ordered a full sprint down the last length of hallways and they began the sprint.

Wolf on the radio:


Coming to a half just round the corner from Bravo team they began opening fire, uncontrolled bursts to stem the tide of the horde now streaming down the hallway towards them.

Eyeball turned to Hatter and Wolf,

"go sir get the $%&@ out get to BRavo team, ill hold them off and meet you later!" he said through gritted teeth as he squeeses round after round off at the zombies.

Wolf and Hatter didnt need telling twice and both ran to Bravo team, barley 30 meters away.

Running past callsign shadow and right to their squad commander scope, Hatter saluted to the officer and Wolf right behind him.

"Good to see you guys, theres a big group of tangos to our rear, suggest we make best speed to the armoury, we can re supply and then make our way topside out of the hospital wards, the group to our rear is being held" said Wolf.. pasuing slightly to listen for the sounds of gunfire, now less consistant andsounded more like handgun fire now.

A scream cut short.

"Well sir what do you think?, you and your men up for it?" said Wolf to Scope... "gotta make your mind up sharpish before they show up here"

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Scope could hear their call, and not just over the radio. If he had been in doubt about who was coming, the gunshots--and the team barreling around the corner--would only confirm it.

He was going to confirm that he heard it, but the point was moot, as the remnants of Alpha team ran to his position.

"Well sir what do you think? You and your men up for it? Gotta make your mind up sharpish before they show up here."

But what about the footsteps he'd heard from the other direction? In any case, they couldn't afford to dally here. "All right. But we need to be careful not to run headlong. I heard at least one set of running footsteps coming from that direction," he said, indicating the hallway opposite the direction Alpha team had come from. It was the only direction to go, however.

He gave the hand signals for his team to move out, turning his head only once to see if Wolf and Hatter were following. "Your callsigns?" he asked them. He needed to know what to call them to prevent confusion...

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Scope could hear their call, and not just over the radio. If he had been in doubt about who was coming, the gunshots--and the team barreling around the corner--would only confirm it.

He was going to confirm that he heard it, but the point was moot, as the remnants of Alpha team ran to his position.

"Well sir what do you think? You and your men up for it? Gotta make your mind up sharpish before they show up here."

But what about the footsteps he'd heard from the other direction? In any case, they couldn't afford to dally here. "All right. But we need to be careful not to run headlong. I heard at least one set of running footsteps coming from that direction," he said, indicating the hallway opposite the direction Alpha team had come from. It was the only direction to go, however.

He gave the hand signals for his team to move out, turning his head only once to see if Wolf and Hatter were following. "Your callsigns?" he asked them. He needed to know what to call them to prevent confusion...

"Wolf, Hatter and Eyeball at your service" responded wolf quickly pointing to himself and the other two soldiers.

"right ill take point, hatter your with me, eyeball you stay with that big tall one" carried on wolf pointing to Shadow.

Wolf setoff down the hallway Scope has pointed and and fired 3 shots at the Zombies trying to sneak up on the men.

"All clear Scope matey, come on down"

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Scope grinned. "Nothing gets past these ears," he said, indicating the features in question as he strolled along almost nonchalantly down the hall.

Although it would be a mistake to assume he was not alert--his senses were highly attuned to the environment. Anything out of place would be detected swiftly. "All right, I've got point. Shadow, you're with me. Alpha, cover our rear. Everyone else--keep an eye out."

He continued past the bodies of the zombies, studying them curiously and taking in the information...they all had been hit with shots to the head. That made him wonder...if they ran out of ammo, would cutting the spine do the job?

Even as he continued down the hall, he relayed his question to the others (quietly) over their radio link.

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Alpha brought up the rear of the team, covering the back of the small team as it moved to the Armoury to resupply.

"In answer to your question Scope, the answer is no, in experientmation nerve gas was used on the test subjects to destroy their nerve systems, didnt work"

The team proceeded through the upper facilities of the hospital wards and out into the living quarters, dispatching any undead they found until they got to the armoury.

Slowly opening the door to the Armour Wolf tossed in 3 frag grenades, closed the door, waited for the explosions and ran inside followed by the other 6 soldiers.

"All clear"

"All clear" came the muffled voice of Scope from the back room.

The SAS decided to barricade the doors and get some sleep, with a three inch steel door for protection and reinforced glass nothing could get in.

a few hours later the soldiers geared up with more ammunition, a few more guns and a solid plan.

"OK lads here it is, we need to get topside, IE, back to the main Porton Down blastdoor directly to the barracks.

The Army will be on high alert and can get us out and seal them in. Ive lost contact with the control room, I think theyre dead but im not sure so.

Smudge, Shadow and Pikey, you head to the control rooms and check it out, once checked, report in and then meet us at the exit to the barracks.

Me, Scope, Eyeball and Hatter are going to carve a path to the exit and try and get some support.

All clear men?" said Wolf to the battle weary men of his company.

Heading their seperate ways the two teams split up again., One for control and the other the exit.

After around 30 minutes of creeping around towards the exit Hatter called a halt.

"Twenty hostiles dead ahead around the next left, just... miandering"

"rgr that mate, scope you take that corner " gesturing the the corner directly to scopes right.

"Eyeball you cover him on the corner, Hatter you cover me from this doorway, ill get their attention" said wolf quietly.

Moving like the expert he is, wolf apprached the corner and peered around it, and true to Hatter word, twenty hostiles exactly.

looking around on the floor he found what he was looking for, a small surgical scalpal.

Leaning out from the corner he tossed it against the cold stone floor and its clattering alerted the Zombies to his location and they began to surge after him.

A heaving mass of bodies charged out from round the corner right into a wall of lead and death.

Several were killed by headheight placed claymores attached to the walls.

Wolf ran past Eyeball and dropped to his knee, squeesing out carefully aimed shots to the Zombies heads.

One man, thing, zombie charged right at Scope but hatter nailed him right in its temple seconds before it was apon Scope....

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"Hmm, so destroying the brain seems to be the only way. Not even a shot to the heart..." he muttered.

They set a brisk pace, interrupted only by the occasional small sortie of undead, and before long, they were at the armory.

He didn't even need to give the order as they ensured the armory was clear of hostiles, and he nodded, impressed and (even if he admitted it only to himself) proud of his team.

He himself was glad of the time to catch some shut-eye. Though he gave it little thought, really, there was no telling when they would get a chance for further sleep.

When he woke, he was much more refreshed, and he listened to the briefing without interrupting. He didn't even mind the usurpation of his authority. Wolf knew better what they were dealing with, and he followed alnog silently, taking the rear. It was a mze in here, and every so often, a few hostiles would pop up behind them. It never took more than a single bullet per target.

"Got it, sir," he indicated, when he was told to take a corner, waiting to spring the amush. The moment they were in sight, he opened fire. But he missed seeing the one Hatter shot. He offered a grin to hatter in thanks as he himself shot one that was rushing Hatter...

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Hatter was covered in blood spray, luckily none went into his mouth eyes etc or he would have been a goner.

Eyeball dispatched the last hostile with his shotgun, firing it almost point blank into the creatures face.

"close call eh lads?" he said with a smile on his face.

His expression dropped suddenly, a face of mute horror.

shambling round the corner at the end of the hall came Rookie. flaps of skin hanging loose from his cheeks, dried blood congealing on his now soiled uniform. Groaning as he slowly apprached the soldiers.

"Rookie? rookie man is that you? speak to me dude! come on. COME ON SPEAK TO ME!" screamed Eyeball at the nearing reanimated Rookie.

no response.

Wolf and Hatter simply watched, rifles ready to kill.

Eyeball raised his shotgun again.

"i told him i would see him later" he said, voice shaking in fear and anger, his body tense and his finger squeesed the trigger.

Rookies head vaporised in an instant, shredded by dozens of ballbearings.

"Come on guys lets move, ill lead for a while" came the voice of scope who was now on his feet and moving forward in the direction of the exit.

"Wolf can you radio in with my guys and see how theyre going at the control room matey?" he carried on.

"yeah. yeah sure mate will get right on it" came the quiet voice of wolf as he stared, ashen faced at his dead comrade as he walked past.

OOC, subtle can you RP your folks at the control room?...

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Scope stared in total fascination, and no small horror, as he saw what had bviously been a fellow soldier become one of the enemy. When someone else shot the man, he was relieved he hadn't had to do it, really.

But he was the first to really recover from the shock. Taking charge, he indicated that they should check on the others.

OOC: Sure.


IC: Smudge, Shadow, and Pikey were just reaching the control room when they were approached by half-a-dozen of the monsters. It was easy to dispatch them, but the shots were sure to attract more. They quickly entered the room, then sealed it once more--just as their radios crackled.

"How you boys doing?"

"We just reached the control room now," Pikey replied, as Shadow strolled over to one of the computers to assess the situation there. "Shadow's seeing if he can find..." he was interrupted by a large 'bang, bang' on the doors. Thankfully, they were the thicker blast doors, and so would hold.

"Shadow's trying to find another route out. We seem to be under seige here. We're fine, but we can't get out the way we got in. No one else seems to be alive here."

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Wolf called out to the team after a little while.

"Hey you guys, the exit is right here, looks all clear fellas come on in and i would recomend defencive positions until we the doors opened."

The team spread out behind various objects, mainly overturned office desks, tables and chairs piled up in a semi circle around the door as a makeshift barricade.

Shadow and Smudge, having just escaped the control room and hurried over to the door, took the left flank in a small office section, reaming hidden behind cover and in the shadows. The lights only partially working the men relied on the red emergency lighting to navigate and spot targets with.

after around 30 minutes waiting the radio crackled into life and the voice of Colonal Sanders crackled through.

"Ok fellas, doors going to be opened in 20 minutes, hold out till then.

we need 20 minutes to prep the men coming in with you to cover your escape. over"

"Roger that sir" came the now exhasuted and strained voice of Wolf.

After informing the men briefly of what was gonna happen he turned his attention to himself in the calm before the storm. He knew they were coming, he could feel it in the air. Hundreds of undead were now coursing through the mountains veins to this door.

He would never forget the expression on Rookies face as his neck was torn out, nor the glazed look he had when he tried killing them team as a zombie. He saw men taking magazines of bullets to the chest but not fall.

Mutilated, disfigured monsters looming out of the dark to get him, clawing at his flesh and picking his bones of all the meat.

He hazed around at the team now moving into firing positions, screams and echoes in his mind eating away at his soul.

Shattering gunfire broke his trance and he was on his feet in an instant, laying down lead at the oncoming zombies.

Hundreds of them pouring into the offices, clambering over eachother in one big undead mass to get to their next meal.

Shadow and Smudge turned to slowly as several zombies jumped on them and began tearing them apart, Knawing on their bones and tearing off limbs to feast on.

Scope, Eyeball , Wolf Hatter and Pikey held on behind the barricade, shooting indiscrimatly now, just to push the hordes back.

Not bothing to take aim at the head. Firing into the crowing, cutting swathes of the beasts down, only to have to do it again as the clambered back to their feat and staggered, charged blindly at their prey.

"FIX YOUR BAYONETS LADS AND SAY YOUR PRAYERS. TAKE AS MANY OF THE !@#$* DOWN WITH YOU" screamed Wolf as he slew 2 more zombies as they tried clambering over the barricade.

He could see the horde thinning out but he fighting was still too intense to let up the fire. Jamming on his bayonet just after reloading he stabbed a woman, no more than 19 years old in the face as she dived ontop of him. From the ground hey sprayed bullets to the ceiling and into the surging, writhing mass of bodies now stumbling over the barricades. He watched from ground level as Pikey was pulled into the crowd and surfed them, screaming his battlecry and firing blindly into the bodies below him before he submerged below them, only to emerge minutes later trying to kill his former friends.

Hatter was in his element, disregarding his guns he pulled out his bayonet and combat knife and was cutting his way throug them, one by one they fell with stabs to the head, decapitation and worse. He dealt with pikey with a swift and hard punch to the creatures temple, crushing its skull.

Scope was screaming widley at the top of his voice. standing ontop of a desk with a minimi LMG firing into the crowd.

"DIE YOU !@#$%^&* AND STAY DEAD" he cried as they surged around him like water on a rock.

Blidning white light struck the team.

brilliant whiteness filled the room and over 30 Malvinan soldiers stormed the room and slaughtered everything undead inside.

Those last few moment went by Wolf in a blur. He remembers being dragged into the safety of the facility and being seen too by orderlies.

Eyeball, scope and Hatter all suffering the same post battle shock sitting on the floor beside him covered in gore, ash and sweat.

Eyeball was crying silently into Scopes arm, scope was staring blankly at a far was and Hatter was silent.

Pulling out a cigarette from his top pouch he simply sparked up, reloaded, got more ammo and went back into hell to join the now growing number of Malvinian soldiers purging the place.

Over 300 Malvinian Soldiers went inside the facility, 261 came back out alive including Hatter.

When the facility was declared hazard free the departments were locked down and torched to erase all infection.

At the missions debriefing, Wolf was told that the Government had been bought by the Umbrella Corporation.

Still effectivly run as normal but all decisions that were too important to be passed onto the Prime Minister or the King went to the CEO, Albert Wesker.

The Prime Minister ran day to day running of government, like a city mayor, the King remained his position as the nations chief diplomat and Wesker ran the country.

Three weeks after the incident in the Hive, Wolf, what was left of Alpha Team and scope were moved to a secure location on mainland Malvinas and were given the jobs of chief security advisors for the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service or UBCS for short.

OOC, the end. sorry if the endings a little bit sucky.

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OOC; The ending could have been better, but it could have been a lot worse, too. You did tell me it was going to be brief after all. I just wasn't expecting it to be that brief. if I had had one more post, I would have RP'd Bravo Squad retrieving goggles and masks from the control room, to prevent the gore from getting in their eyes or mouths. Still, I like the way you did it well enough.

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