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Announcement from The Grämlins


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Part Six: Cancellation

Should any alliance wish to withdraw from all or part of this treaty, they must first inform the other Aqua signatories with a post on the Aqua forums, making it clear which section or sections they are withdrawing from. There will then follow a 72 hour grace period in which that alliance must adhere to all terms of non-aggression that have been agreed, as well as ensuring that any mentorees are not being left in an undermined position. Following this grace period, no terms, conditions, postage or packaging will apply.

In accordance with Article 6 The Grämlins have withdrawn from the Aqua Ice Accords, Reasons have been communicated and the grace period has expired


Synth FG, Executor

Ramirus Maximus, Judicator

Darklordtim, Praetor

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Good luck to all on Aqua.

There's merely 5 Aqua alliances in the Block, not even close to the # of alliances on Aqua :P

well this is certainly one of the more interesting things to happen lately.

Indeed, and if I may say so myself, It's nearing December yet again...

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