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The Formation of Islamic Fezzan and Cyrenaica


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The Holy Decree in Allah's Name

The turmoil throughout the history of mankind has been seen time to time again as the infelicitous Europeans marked their trading grounds from time to time again throughout our shores. Whether it be the Greeks, the Romans, or the Phoneticians, they have shown their ugly ways and time seemed lost. Yet through the name of Allah we stand here today, guided through recourse in the Great Prophet's name. The Christian infidels of the north have grown tirelessly and belligerent, and it is now the time we gather underneath a unified banner instead of treading the sands of our ancestors as separate tribes. By the Holy Script of the Qu'ran we now declare our religious independence of the world and live in the world Allah has made for us. In Allah's name, we, the tribes of Northern Africa, now reunite the states of Cyrenaica and Fezzan as Islamic Fezzan and Cyrenaica, and we submit ourselves as an Islamic state not by name, but rather by nature. Our nation of people will forever submit to the word of the Caliphate, and we will defend Islam everywhere in this world. Allah's Good Name must be represented throughout all lands, and it is with that that we do hereby claim these lands. The sovereignty of North Africa will now, and forever remain, an Islamic state, and we will defend the word of Allah until Armageddon claims us all to His dominion.

And with this announcement we have sent out messengers to all Islamic states with the following message:

Dear Brothers of Islam,

For far too long we have remained separate of one another. It is time that we unite under a single faith instead 
of squabbling in the tensions of impartiality. Should a treaty already exist, we humbly request that our Islamic 
state be admitted, but if one does not, then we propose a convened accords to hold a united front against all of 
the heretical infidels that stand in our way of delivering the world to Allah.


Imbarek al-Mahmudi,
King of the Islamic Fezzan and Cyrenaica

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