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Military Excercises at the Southern Tip of the Indian Subcontinent.

Maelstrom Vortex

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The international community got a brief communique about an intended missile test to be held over the Southern Indian Ocean testing the flight characteristics of a higher payload Fafnir class ICBM. Intelligence and military analysts around the world would suggest this test is part of Dragonisia's ongoing pursuit of an adequate nuclear delivery system for when they achieve their first nuclear ignition and is part of their on going nuclear weapons program. Unlike most parts of the world where the delivery systems came as a result of the discovery of and creation of the nuclear bomb, the Dragonisians have started development on a delivery system based on knowledge of existing warheads they have seen and even hosted at some stages in their history.. which gave them a pretty precise idea of what they needed in cargo capacity on their missiles. Dragonisian Missiles already carry very large payloads, even sometimes carrying other smaller missiles, but this is the first such missile in development purely for a nuclear mission. There are rumors the higher payload may be an attempt at improving the defense of carried warheads to make them less subject to interception.

The test window has been established for 2 hours after dawn, a point at which should give peak observability on its intended flight path, directly south towards the south pole. It will be detonated well above re-entry to ensure there is no harm to the earth below and all fragments are likely to disintegrate on re-entry.

ooc: No nukes just yet.. just setting the RP in place so that I'll have full ICBM capability as soon as I do get my MP.. which is still many months down the road as I can't even buy an MP til post-surrender terms in CN itself.

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