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This is called a wartime economy


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The new Lords and landholders within Finland were now ordered to raise soldiers on their lands and train them. The substance given to the Berzerkers was being created in almost mass production, and the new men were taking their oaths to the gods so they would defend them in battle.

"My king, why are we preparing for war?" Erik, the young squire asked.

"Because, my apprentice," Valgard began looking out from his castle balcony, "you can only do two things: prevent war, or prepare for it. War will never end, so preventing it is useless. The only reasonable explanation is to prepare."

"But why not just raise diplomacy?"

"Erik, we are vikings. We come from a culture of battle and blood. Two things feed the soil, young one, they feed the people, the nation, and please the gods. The man who knows those two are surely emperor-worthy."

"Do you know what they are?"

"Blood and Iron, my son, Blood and Iron."

"So, the people want war, that's what you're saying."

"Yes. Our people have always wanted war. They want revenge against the Christians that exodused them from their lands. They want war on the men who persecute them. They want blood. So, we let them become soldiers."

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