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The Union of Comanche


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Bred out of struggle and solidified by war. The Comanche Nation had been at war with itself for many months following a string of events, begining with the death of an entire elder population of a Northern tribe and meeting its climax with a violent bid for power by a young Brave. He would lead the large Northern tribes to a war of expansion, under the guise of "Unity", against the small but powerful Southern tribes who were led by the legendary, Red Bison. Red Bison had suggested bold new hunting methods. Being well learned of bison logic, he led several highly successfull hunting expeditions bringin back materials and food that would sustain the south in the comming war.

One story tells of Red Bisons meeting with the elders and an unfamiliar ritual requesting permission to kill a great tree. One such large tree was centered at the base of a large sloped cliff, rising steeply upward from the trees position and ending with a low but jagged fall. Red Bison led his party to work at weakening the great tree, while several others approached a large bison herd. Stirring up loud noises and rapid movements caused the bison to flee in the direction of the great tree. It was at that moment that Red Bison wit a mighty axe braught down the tree, curving much of the bison heard up the cliff and down to their death. The southern tribes would make use of these very bison for a long time.


Red Bison's reputation for a strategic mind, strong traditional beliefs, and kind-hearted manner won him "celebrity status" in the South and much respect in the north. When speaking against the violent rise by the young Northern War Chief, that very Chief new he had to act fast to silence Red Bison. This led Northern Chief to falsify claims of greed in the south and forcefully unite the north against them. A 4 month war broke out between North and South Comanche, bringing some weeks of daily raiding and others of no action. It was soon evident that the large nothern tribes, even through numerical superiority, simply could not stand against the south. Northern Chief had only one hope, and that was to face Red Bison, who by this time had been appointed War Chief of the South, and kill him in battle. Northern Chief was given a dream to face Red Bison by the sea in the South, instead he challanged Red Bison to face him in the north at what became the Battle at Nacodoches.

Northern and Southern Comanche armies stood facing eachother as their leaders met face to face. Red Bison offered one final bid for peace, stating that he knew well that the North was ready to stop fighting and their unity has been hed together by military force. Northern Chief answered with a jolting lunge. Red Bison jumped back and met the North's War Chief wth an elbow to the jaw. The battle wound down from there in Red Bison's favor ending in a heroic victory and death of the Nothern Chief before the rise of another moon. Soon after, Red Bison and all the tribe elders would lay the groundwork for a unified Comanche people. Never before this had the Comanche nation ever saught such an endevour as Union, and never after would the Comanche people ever be the same. Red Bison now led the Union of Comanche.

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