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A messenger for Oman

Franz Ferdinand

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A messenger was dispatched from the court of Medina with the intent on delivering an important proposal to Oman's Emir, Fahad bin al Said. He was given one of the finest camels to make the journey. The message he was carrying was wrapped up in papyrus and was wrapped up in bamboo. It was inscribed with the following:

Salem, gracious Emir of Oman, I am Caliph Suleiman of The Caliphate, and I have a proposal for you. I am certain you know of the heretics surrounding your nation, and how they disgrace the name of Allah. Therefore, I propose that we deal with these troublesome infidels and teach them the errors of their ways. With this message, you will find a map which our finest strategists and top cartographers have perfectly designed which I believe would be a fair trade-off. I do hope you shall agree that these are overly generous to your great Emirate:

If you are happy with this, please give this messenger a response so that we can better review the situation.


Caliph Suleiman I


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Fahad bin al Said watched as the messenger walked towards him in his grand hall in the capital of Muscat. The messenger gave Fahad bin al Said the message. He unwrapped and read the words. After Fahad had read the letter, Fahad ordered one of his servants to fetch him a new parchment along with some water and food for the messenger. Fahad dictated the words to his servant who wrote them down. The messenger ate and drank.

Salem, glorious Caliph Suleiman, I am very happy to hear of you. Your proposal is a very interesting one which would bring great honour to the region and the one relgion, Islam. This proposal has all our blessing and would like to thank you with my heart for the more generous offer you gave us. I must also praise your Catographers and Strategists, their among the best I have seen.

Shukran, Ma'assalama

Emir, Fahad bin al Said

The servent then wrapped the parchment in papyrus and bamboo used earlier. The servent then passed the message to the messenger and gave him food and water for the journey ahead.

Fahad was pleased.

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