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Operation: Overlord


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OOC: Decided to do another in-nation military RP. Still doing the violent anti-government group crackdown. Comments/feedback is welcome.


Akita Province

12:40 pm LCT

Fox Team left the small building they were in and quickly boarded the Chinook. While riding the four soldiers checked their MP5s, fragmentation grenades, and also made sure that their body armor was on correctly. After about 20 minutes the Chinook landed and Fox team got out, they were about 200 meters from a small, quiet town.

"OK," Sgt. Mecca barked "let's go get these punks!"

"Alright!" cheered Cpl. Robinson.

Fox Team moved quickly and in about 10 minutes was 100 meters from the town when they encountered small arms fire. The soldiers hit the ground and hid behind some rocks. Private Fradkin peeked above the rocks to see a total of twenty men and women wrapped up in winter clothing, holding AK-47s, PK Machineguns, and RPGs.

"Oh crap!" Fradkin thought, "Hope we don't get screwed."

The Troinan began to fire back. The 20 people then split into groups of four, with one group staying in the front, another group falling back into the town, a third group trying to Fox's right and the final group trying to flank Fox's left. Robinson quickyl fired at the group that was trying to flank their right, but was hit several times in the leg and arm.

"Ahhh, crap!" Robinson said.

The enemy fire increased from both flanks as the PKs opened up.

"Cpl. Anderson!" Sgt. Mecca yelled "let's try out those new B-52s the air force got."


Anderson got on his radio.

"Hello, this is Yellow Lion, do you copy?"

"Copy Yellow Lion, this is Green Skye, whadda ya need?"

"We need an airstrikes on coordinates -34/-75 and -37/-78 please."

"We'll be there in ten minutes."

Fox Team kept firing at their left and right flanks, Robinson firing a little less since his arm had been hit.

In the next ten minutes, two B-52s came and bombed the positions given to them by Anderson, making safe their left and right flanks.

Fox Team then started firing at the rebels right in front of them, killing them in about five minutes. They then reloaded their weapons and cautiously began to go into the town.

They were walking slowly among a row of brick houses, when gunfire came from their right, hitting Robinson in the head. The rest of Fox Team found cover inside an abandoned house.

"Dammit! Robinson!" Sgt. Mecca said.

A burst of fire was let out again, but this time Mecca found it and threw two frag grenades into the window where the gunfire had come from. In about 2 minutes, two loud explosions were heard. Then Fox Team went in and stormed the house to find three rebels readying their weapons. Fox Team went and arrested the rebels.

After that Anderson radioed in for a Chinook to come to them. Fox Team had been waiting for about 20 minutes when the Chinook landed. Two soldiers went and gathered Robinson's remains while Fox Team escorted the rebels onto the Chinook. After everyone was on, the Chinook took off headed to Fort Louis.

Mecca glared at the captives, he went over to one of them.

"What is your groups name anyway punk?" he said coldly.

"Department 5600."

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OOC: As basics goes, nothing to complain. Details are all right, though you could try to say certain things more creatively to make the story flow better.

For example... "After about 20 minutes the Chinook landed and Fox team got out, they were about 200 meters from a small, quiet town."

Could be phrased like this, "A 20 minute ride later, the Chinook landed, disgorging Fox team approximately 200 meters from their target--a small, quiet town that had no clue wwhat was going to happen."

Also, this, "Fox Team kept firing at their left and right flanks, Robinson firing a little less since his arm had been hit."

Could become this. "Fox Team kept exchanging fire with the enemy units attempting to flank them; Robinson continued firing, though at a slower rate due to his injury."

Bear in mind these are only suggestions, not criticism.

As for participating IC-wise, I can't at the moment.

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Akita Province

6:15 pm Local Time

Bravo and Dog Teams jumped down out of the Chinook, 2000 meters below them was the target town. About 5 minutes later, the teams landed, regrouped, and ran towards the town, only to encounter heavy gun and mortar fire. There was no cover, so the Teams ran.

"Let's go into that house," said Pri. Whitaker of Dog Team.

"Fine!" yelled Sgt. Hawk.

Dog Team went into the house, Whitaker first, only to be gunned down.

"Ah crap!" yelled Sgt. Hawk as the rest of Dog Team put stayed on the outside of the entrance door, with their backs to the wall.

The machine gun and mortar fire seemed to die down for a second, only to increase a short time later.

"We'll go get those punks!" Sgt. Petersburg told Sarge. Hawk


Bravo Team then ran off in northwesternly direction.

Hawk threw in two fragmentation grenades, and, after two minutes, heard a loud boom followed by a scream and the shuffling of feet. Hawk then motioned for Lila to go in first, he would follow behind, and Erin would guard.

Lila went in, carefully stepping over Whitaker's body, and saw a small corridor that led into a kitchen and a stairwell off to her right. She motioned to Hawk that she would take the corridor and he the stairwell. She then slowly and quietly crept down the corridor into the kitchen to find only a teapot atop a stove. After carefully checking the room, she then went up the staircase with Hawk. As soon as they were atop the staircase, the two saw a three men wrapped in explosives. Hawk's eyes widened. Just as he was about to shove Lila down the stairs, the three men set off their explosives, causing a massive explosion of the second floor.

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Erin was knocked down to the ground of the force of the explosion. Being very dizzy and somewhat deaf, didn't hear the flames quickly coming near him, yet he felt them when they reached his legs. He screamed in pain and quickly rolled away from the house, extinguishing the flame along the way. He then radioed Sgt. Petersburg.

"Sgt.! My whole team is dead! I'm all alone!"


"Some explosion happened and now their all dead!"

"Stay put! We just finished taking out the machine gunners and mortar men, we're coming now!"

"OK. I'll be sure-"

Erin's words were cut off as four men with winter clothing and blaclavas came near him, they all had AK-47s with 100 round drums in them. The men quickly took Erin and shoved him in a UC-made SUV and took off in a southeasternly direction.

After about 15 minutes, Bravo Team was on the scene and found only the dead remains of Whitaker, with Erin nowhere in sight.

"Call in a Chinook and tell them what happened." Sgt. Petersburg ordered Cpl. Latvia.

"Captain's gonna be pissed about this."

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6:20 Local Time

Seoul Province, DOD Building

General of the Army, Robert Powell and SecDef Rusa MacNell sat at the table. Powell passed MacNell and folder with 10 papers in it, the after-action report and also summary of Operation Nighting Gale. As MacNell read the report, his face turned a furious red. He crumpled up the paper in his hand and bellowed "AN ENTIRE TEAM TAKEN OUT, THREE DEAD ONE MISSING?!?!? HOW THE HECK DID THIS HAPPEN?"

"Well, sir," Powell started nervously. "No one was expecting 5600 to have any explosives and definitely not people willing to be suicide bombers."

"I don't care, this is completely and totally unacceptable. Do you have any whereabouts of where Erin is?"

"No sir, but we do suspect that he may be in a wilderness area in Akita province."

"I don't care what you have to do, find him."

"Yes, sir."

"Also, make sure that any and all backups for Nighting Gale are destroyed, we don't want the President seeing this do we?"

"Of course not," said Powell smiling.

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2:30 am Local Time

250 miles north of Nokia Square, the capital of Akita province

The four masked terrorists dragged Erin out and laid him on the bed. Two were men and two were women. A small fire was roaring, a poker lay nearby. They then proceeded to eat and afterwards set up their needed "materials." Erin woke up an hour later.

"Where am I?" he asked weakly.

The man with brown hair walked over to him and smiled, his face then turned deadly serious.

"Where is Sector 5?"

Erin suddenly became alarmed. Why are they asking about Sector 5?

"I have no idea what your talking about."

The man punched Erin in the face.

"Liar! Where is Sector 5?"

"I don't know."

The man punched Erin in the face again.


"I DON"T -"

The man called over a woman with blue hair, the both of them then proceeded to take him out of the bed and over to a large table, lay him down, strap him down, and put a small towel over tightly his face. The woman then went over and several pails of water.

"Where is Sector 5?" asked the man.

"I don't know."

The man looked at the woman and nodded. She then poured water directly on Erin's face. He coughed and moved around, trying to break the straps.

"Sector 5 is where?"


The woman poured water on Erin's face again, causing him to try to break the straps.

Just then, a man with a crewcut stepped in and said asked Erin

"Will you ever tell us where Sector 5 is?"



The man then walked over to the fireplace and, after wrapping his hand in a cloth, grabbed the poker that was now red hot. Erin's face went pale.


"I DON'T-"


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