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8BR Bill Reducer Trade Circle + Uranium


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This is a very good Bill Reducing Trade Circle that has 8 bonus resources + Uranium and also all the resources for the Mining Industry Consortium and the Moon Resources (Mainly the Titanium resource which will give you +$12 income). Also I haven't been able to set up a trade circle in awhile and I really need one so I can get back on track so I will take the people who will fill up the trade circle first.


NOTE: On the income ^^ it will be +$9.5 if you are nuclear armed if your not it would be +$17.


The top is the Bill Effect and the bottom is the Military Effect. As you can see on the graph its all at max except for the Soldier UpK and the Soldier Cost.

Lumber - MVP2000

Silver - MVP2000

Iron -

Uranium - Niccole Gregovarian

Rubber - Niccole Gregovarian

Marble - Owney OSullivan

Aluminum - Robert Thomas Rose

Gems -

Gold -

Lead - Robert Thomas Rose

Oil - Owney OSullivan

Coal -

Please leave your nation link here or pm me in game MVP2000

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I've been looking for a 8 BR circle. I have marble and oil, sign me up.

My nation

Edit: I also sent a trade request already - I'm hurting on trades right now.

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Rainriveranarchist has informed me that he is no longer on board for this trade circle because he thought it would have been completed sooner. Perhaps if we find someone with iron & coal he will reconsider joining as the last piece of the puzzle. I'll poke around and try to complete it.

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Please be advised that I am dropping out of this trade circle to join a completed one. I know it's unfortunate and I apologize, but I need to get my economy in order asap. Please consider this my 48 hour notice. Thanks for your understanding.



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